मेरीखेती वेबसाइट के बारे में जानकारी

About Us

MeriKheti is committed to unleashing the power of Digital India to empower the farmers of the country. The website provides them with well-researched articles about produce, fertilizers, government policies, technology & innovation, marketplace and MSP. It is a holistic website that intends to create a community platform for the farmers to discuss and share their concerns and solutions with other farmers across India.

With MeriKheti, we strive to remove the asymmetry of information prevalent in the farming sector by providing timely advice, details about the technology and industrial inputs to drive better yield.

We believe that the sharing of information is essential in upgrading the way our farmers have been operating. Some of them are already aware of the disruptive technology and high-growth seeds that have helped them double their income. Meanwhile, some are still following traditional methods and living with low-income. Our mission is to reach out to every farmer in the country and apprise them of the technological advancements and various policies, which they can utilize to get ahead.

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