5 Fruits To Grow In Your Garden

This plant grows old with flowy branches that shoot from a single robust stem. The foliage is often bright green, and the fruits are stuck on the crown.


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This is one of India's well-known and cultivated fruits, especially in hot and humid regions. Botanically called Musa, this plant grows tall with green stems, out of which rise large leaflets; these are also used for serving food in South India.


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Ziziphus Mauritania, locally known as Ber in India, is a plant that grows old with a lush-green crown and voracious growth.


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The custard apple, Sitaphal, or Annona Squamosa, is a fruit plant famous for its delicious fruits that imitate the apple’s taste to some extent.


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The guava plant is easy to propagate and cultivate, and its fruits are known for their sweet & sour taste.


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