Muskmelon farming in India

It requires temperature of 18-30 degrees and an annual rainfall of 50-75mm for its better growth.

It grows well in deep fertile and well-drained soil. It gives best result when grown on well drained loam soil. 

2-3 Ploughings should be given to make the land fertile and bring to fine tilth. In North India, sowing is done in middle of February month. In North east and west India sowing is done during November to January.

Middle of February is optimum time for muskmelon cultivation.

Prepare 3-4m wide beds depending upon the use of variety. Sow two seeds per hill on bed and keep distance of 60cm between hill. Plant seed about 1.5cm deep.

Give irrigation once in every week in summer season. At the time of maturity give irrigation only when needed

Harvesting should be done when fruits turn to yellow. It can also be done depending upon market distance.

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