In these areas of Punjab, 80 percent of the total potato produced is used for seeds.

By: MeriKheti
Published on: 10-Oct-2023

Potatoes grown in Kapurthala and Jalandhar of Punjab are mostly used for seeds. These potato varieties are Kufri Pukhraj and Jyoti. In India, they are mostly purchased in Karnataka, West Bengal and Delhi. India ranks second in potato production in the world. But, if we talk about consumption, a large part of it is used in food in India itself. But, today we are going to tell you about pukhraj and Jyoti varieties of potatoes, which are in demand not only in India but all over the world. We are talking about potatoes growing in Kapurthala-Jalandhar district of Punjab. Actually, the demand for potatoes grown here is high because its seed is considered most important for production and quality.

85 percent of the total potato production here is for seeds.

If we talk about this potato grown in Kapurthala and Jalandhar, then 85 percent of its total yield is used only for seeds. According to a report, farmers in these areas use 85 percent of the total potato production for seeds. The main reason for this is that compared to potatoes, farmers' profits increase several times by selling its seeds. Many farmers of India book these seeds from the farmers here even before the crop is harvested.

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Pukhraj and Jyoti varieties are most cultivated.

For potatoes, Pukhraj and Jyoti varieties are the most commonly sown varieties of Doab region of Punjab. The main reason for this is that these varieties are most seen in the Doab region. The production obtained from its seeds is quite high. This is the reason why these are cultivated the most in these areas.

Know how many hectares it is cultivated in

In Punjab, this potato crop is sown in large quantities in the district. According to government figures, it is sown in about 10,000 hectares in the district. At the same time, if we talk about its production, then approximately 2 lakh metric tons of potatoes are produced in the district every year.

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The seeds are supplied to these states

This potato grown in Kapurthala is  liked by various states of India. But, if we talk about its highest demand, then this potato is mostly purchased by Karnataka, West Bengal and Delhi. Apart from this, it is also purchased in Uttarakhand and some quantity inside Uttar Pradesh.