Detailed information related to potato cultivation

Published on: 13-Oct-2023

Potato crop is considered the king of vegetables. Potato is considered the base of almost every vegetable. Because of this, potato is considered the fourth most important vegetable in the world. After wheat, maize and paddy, potato is the most cultivated crop. Potato is also produced on a large scale. The biggest challenge faced by the potato producing farmers of India is that they are not able to get profit compared to the cost of producing potatoes. The solution to deal with this problem is to reduce costs by increasing production volume. For this, farmers should select high yielding varieties. Today we will give you information about those varieties of potatoes through this article. Varieties which give more production at less cost. This article will prove to be very beneficial for potato producing farmers.

Suitable time period for potato cultivation

The time for early sowing of potatoes is 15-25 September. At the same time, the appropriate time for sowing potatoes is considered to be from 15-25 October. Its late sowing time is between 15 November to 25 December.

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Major improved varieties of potato are as follows

The early varieties of potato include Kufri Ashoka, Kufri Jawahar, Kufri Alankar, Kufri Pukhraj, Kufri Chandramukhi etc. Also, medium season varieties of potato are Kufri Satluj, Kufri Sadabahar, Kufri Bahar and Kufri Lalima etc. Apart from this, Kufri Sindhuri, Kufri Frysona and Kufri Badshah are its late maturing varieties.

Kufri varieties giving high yield in short period of time are as follows

There are many varieties of potatoes and their average production is considered to be 152 quintals per hectare. But, the production of Kufri variety is much higher than this. These Kufri varieties become ready in a time interval of 70 to 135 days. A production of 152 to 400 quintals can be obtained from these Kufri varieties. These Kufri varieties of potatoes are like this. 

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Kufri Chandra Mukhi

This variety becomes ripe in 80 to 90 days. With this, a yield of 200 to 250 quintals per hectare can be obtained.

Kufri Navtal G 2524

This variety of potato prepares the crop in 75 to 85 days, from which a yield of 200 to 250 quintals per hectare can be obtained.

Kufri Jyoti

The crop from this variety of potato becomes ripe in 80 to 150 days. Production of 150 to 250 quintals per hectare can be achieved from this variety.

Kufri Lalima

The crop from this variety of potato is ready in just 90 to 100 days. This variety is also moderately resistant to early blight.

Kufri Shilman

This variety of potato crop is ripe in 100 to 130 days. With this, production up to 250 quintals per hectare can be achieved.

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kufri gold

This variety of potato prepares the crop in 110 days. Potato yield up to 300 quintals per hectare can be obtained from this variety.

Kufri Sindhuri

This variety of potato prepares the crop in 120 to 125 days. A yield of 300 to 400 quintals per hectare of potato can be obtained from this variety.

Kufri Deva

This variety of potato becomes ripe in 120 to 125 days. With this, production of 300 to 400 quintals per hectare can be achieved.

hybrid varieties of potatoes


This variety prepares the crop in 135 days. This can yield a yield of 250 to 300 quintals per hectare. It has been considered more useful for UP, Haryana, Bihar, West Bengal, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

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Kufri Alankar

Many of these potato varieties have been developed by the Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla. The crop from this variety is ready in 70 days. With this, a yield of 200-250 quintals per hectare can be obtained. Let us tell you that this variety is resistant to late blight disease to some extent.

Kufri Jawahar JH 222

This variety of potato prepares the crop in 90 to 110 days. This variety is resistant to early blight and foam disease. This can yield a yield of 250 to 300 quintals per hectare.

New varieties of potatoes

Among the new varieties of potato, Kufri Chipsona-2, Kufri Giriraj, Kufri Chipsona-1 and Kufri Anand etc. are considered good varieties.

How and from where will potato seeds be available?

Farmers can buy seeds of three varieties of potatoes from Potato Technology Center Shamgarh District Karnal. From here farmers can get the seeds of potato Kufri, Pukhraj, Kufri Chipsona-1, Kufri Khyati. Potato seeds are produced by tissue culture. Virus free potato seeds can be produced by this method. One lakh micro plants are produced annually. Net house produces 5-6 lakh mini tubers. New varieties are tested with CPRI Shimla and International Potato Center Lima, Peru.

Scientific method of sowing in potato cultivation

First of all, plow the field in a better way with the help of tractor and cultivator. Also, make the field uniform by leveling it. After this, sow potato seeds with the help of potato planter. Let us tell you that this is a precision potato planting machine, which has been designed and manufactured with the help of global partner Delph. Its high level isolation does not allow the potato seeds to get damaged. It sows a single seed at one place. Its use results in quality and excellent yield of potatoes.

Use sprinkler and drip irrigation to irrigate potatoes

Potatoes require light irrigation. For this reason, farmers should use sprinkler and drip irrigation in potato cultivation. The first irrigation of potatoes is done after most of the plants have grown. At the same time, the second irrigation should be done 15 days later at the stage of formation or flowering of potatoes. Lack of water at the time of root formation and flowering has a very bad effect on production. In these conditions, irrigation should be done at an interval of 10 to 12 days. During potato cultivation, during irrigation in the field, it should be kept in mind that the drains should not be filled with water more than three-fourths of the height of the ridges.

Potato harvesting related information

For your information, let us tell you that crops with seeds of different varieties ripen completely in 70 to 135 days. Ripe potato crops should be dug when the peels of the potato tubers become hard. Potato digger is an important tool for farmers for digging potatoes. With its help, farmers can dig potatoes very easily in less time. Apart from this, with its help the potato comes out of the ground without any cut. Not only this, it not only pulls out the potatoes from the ground easily, it also removes the soil attached to it. In this way the best quality potatoes come out. This instrument can be used with a tractor to set an accurate depth.

Organic farming of potatoes and agricultural equipment used

Organic farming of potatoes is also done in India. Due to increasing demand for organic products, farmers' interest in organic farming of potatoes is increasing. Generally, due to lack of correct information, farmers are not able to get more production from organic farming of potatoes. In organic farming of potatoes, if special care is taken about sowing of potatoes and fertilizer in potatoes, there is a possibility of higher production. In potato cultivation, agricultural equipment such as tractor, cultivator, potato planter, potato digger are used, while sprinkler and drip irrigation equipment are used for irrigation.