Farmers can get loan up to 2 crore rupees under Krishi Avasanrachana Yojana

Published on: 16-Nov-2023

Farmers can get loan up to 2 crore rupees under Krishi Avasanrachana Yojana

If you are a farmer and are thinking of starting a small business then you can avail the benefits of the agriculture infrastructure fund scheme by the government. Under this scheme farmers will be given loans up to Rs 2 crore. There are multiple schemes run by the government in India for the upliftment of farmers. The purpose of all these schemes is the upliftment of farmers and providing them financial aid so that farmers can change their lives. Under this initiative the Central Government has started the agriculture infrastructure fund scheme. Under this scheme farmers can get loans up to rupees 2 crores for setting up cold storage,  processing units, warehouses and packaging machines. Government also provide guarantee to loan seeking farmers.

Krishi Avasanrachana Yojana

Krishi AvasanrachanaYojana helps provide loans to farmers. The interest on the loans is 3% less. This concession last for 7 years. Under this scheme a loan upto rupees 2 crore the collateral will be provided by the government. And it's responsibility will be taken by Micro and Small Enterprise Fund Trust. The guarantee fees for the collateral is also paid by the government therefore farmers don't have to pay anything from their pocket. You can take the benefit of this scheme while being under any other scheme. 

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Benefits of thr Krishi Avasanrachana Kosh Yojana

Krishi Avasanrachana Kosh Yojana help take loans for almost any agriculture related activity or need. Under the scheme farming, botany, animal husbandry et cetera can get loans easily. This means that under the scheme farmers can easily get loans for small businesses and for agriculture.

Self help groups, FPOs, startups, agrigation providers, etc can also avail the benefits.