Banana crops are in danger from this new pest.

Published on: 13-Nov-2023

A new pest has been investigated in banana crop, which is called fall armyworm. Scientists have seen it eating banana leaves. This insect is mainly found inside the maize crop. In such a situation, it is being said that it may have been seen on the banana from there itself. To prevent this, scientists have started research.

Banana production is done on a large scale in India. This is a fruit which is used in many things. Before being cooked, it is used to make chips and vegetables. Let us tell you that ripe banana is eaten whole only. Banana is considered a good source of calcium, phosphorus and carbohydrates.

Banana leaves are used extensively

Not only this, banana leaves are also used on a large scale in India. It is used for worship and serving food. But, cultivating banana is not that easy. If any disease occurs in the banana crop or it is attacked by insects, the entire crop gets ruined. In such a situation, farmers should take timely measures to prevent it so that they do not have to suffer losses.

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How to detect new pests in banana crop

Currently, scientists have discovered a new pest in the banana crop, which is called Fall Armyworm (Spodoptera fujiperda). It is an invasive insect, which is mainly found in maize crops. But, scientists have found it eating banana leaves. This insect is called aggressive because, like locusts, they form swarms and eat the crops.

Presence of insect was recorded on this variety of banana

Scientists have found it completing its life cycle on bananas. It has been found on banana plants near maize fields in Trichy district of Tamil Nadu. It is possible that it came from maize. Infestation of an exotic invasive insect called Bondar's Nesting Whitefly on banana plants in Karur and Tiruchirappalli districts of Tamil Nadu has recently been notified in India. Similarly, severe infection of bagworm has been seen on Karpuvalli variety of banana. Also, a total of 108 germplasm extracts from this variety were found to be damaged by it.

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Scientists are constantly doing research to prevent insect infestation.

This is the first report of infestation of this insect on banana. It is known as a serious pest of various types of palm trees including betel nut, coconut and oil palm. Scientists are making research-based efforts to control it, so that the banana crop can be saved from its infection in time.