What is the banyan tree and its benefits and disadvantages?

By: Merikheti
Published on: 10-Feb-2024

Bargad tree is also known as Banyan tree. This tree has huge branches. The Banyan tree is very shady and is also a long lived tree. Ficus benghalensis is the botanical name of the banyan tree. The trunk of the banyan tree remains very strong and straight. Banyan tree remains renewable for a long time, hence it is also known as Akshayavat.

What are the useful parts of banyan tree

Not only the banyan tree but also its roots, leaves and stems are useful. All these are used for Ayurvedic medicines. Problems like cough, nose, ears or hair can be cured by using banyan tree.

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Benefits of banyan tree

Some elements are also found in the roots, flowers and leaves of the banyan tree, which help in the treatment of mental illnesses. Banyan tree also provides help in skin related diseases. High immunity is found in the shoots of this tree, which helps in maintaining a balanced health of a person.

Banyan tree is beneficial in tooth and gum pain

Many elements are found in the root, bark and leaves of the banyan tree which are helpful in destroying inflammation and bacteria. The roots of the banyan tree are chewed and softened and used as a toothpick. It is helpful in reducing tooth decay.

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Banyan trees are helpful in treating piles.

Banyan trees provide relief from diseases like piles. Nutrients like serine, sugar and resin are found in the leaves of banyan trees, which provide relief in piles. Therefore we can say that the milk of banyan tree plays an important role in pile disease.

Helpful in prevention of diabetes

Many elements that reduce sugar are found in the root of the banyan tree. To control diabetes, extract of its roots should be prepared and mixed with water and drunk. It reduces the effects of diseases like diabetes on the body.

Beneficial in itching problems

Sometimes, bacterial infection occurs on our skin, due to which we have to face problems like itching. To avoid this problem, we can make a paste of banyan leaves and apply it on our skin. Also, you can make a paste of the bark obtained from the banyan tree and use it. It proves helpful in providing relief from the problem of itching.

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Disadvantages of banyan tree

There are many uses of banyan tree, but along with them there are many disadvantages also. Do not use any part of the banyan tree without consulting a doctor. Use different parts of the banyan tree according to the disease. Excessive use can also cause health related diseases.

Allergy or infection on the skin

People whose skin is more sensitive should consume it in less quantity. If a person is using banyan daily, and he notices allergies, red spots or pimples on his body, then he should not use banyan. or any other disease, then stop using banyan immediately.

Do not use banyan along with medicines

People who are already using any kind of medicines should not use any part of banyan tree. Do not use it with medicines, health related diseases may occur. If both are used together. This can also cause infection and other side effects in the body. Therefore, use it after consulting a doctor.

Banyan tree also has many benefits and qualities. You have also been told in which situations the banyan tree should not be used. If you have been impressed by the properties of banyan mentioned in this article and want to use it. So read the information given in this article carefully. Banyan tree has been used to treat health problems since ancient times. Banyan roots and leaves are also used for brain health.