Bihar Agriculture Minister will also talk about the farmers with the farmers through the program

Published on: 17-Oct-2023

The Agriculture Minister of Bihar State is also preparing a plan to run a program called Mann Ki Baat. Bihar Agriculture Minister will discuss the problems of the farmers through video conferencing in "farmers' program" After Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who reached the people through the mind of the people of India, now the Agriculture Minister of Bihar State is also planning to run a program of Mann Ki Baat. Actually, the Agriculture Minister will hear the problems of the farmers under this scheme. Let us tell you for information that recently, President of India Draupadi Murmu is coming to Patna to inaugurate the fourth agricultural road map of Bihar. Bihar Agriculture Minister will discuss the problems of farmers through video conferencing in "farmers' program"

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There will be discussion to prepare new rules

At present, the market committee has been completely dissolved in Bihar. The state government wants to bring a proposal to start it once by making new rules for this. According to the Agriculture Minister, if some new laws have to be enacted for this, then it will be made and commissioned once again. This time the state government will create a new system with strict laws for the market committee, which will be made examples in other states as well. After this law, both the farmers and traders of the state will get benefits.

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The program started “farmers tales with agriculture minister"

For your information,let us tell you that the state government has started this program of Mann Ki Baat "The matter of farmers with the Agriculture Minister", which it will now carry forward every month. Under this program in the state, many farmers put their problems before the Agriculture Minister, in which the farmers also mentioned the problem of not giving credit cards by the agricultural banks. At the same time, in response to this, the Agriculture Secretary has said that the state government will currently run a special campaign for Kisan Credit Cards. Under this campaign, she will provide a credit card to the farmers.