50% subsidy is being given on polyhouse and shade net in this state.

Published on: 23-Feb-2024

50% subsidy is being given on polyhouse and shade net in this state.

The central and state governments keep making various efforts at their respective levels to strengthen the economic condition of farmers. With the aim of developing agriculture and doubling the income of farmers, the government keeps releasing new schemes every day. 

Now in this series, the Bihar government has brought another new scheme for farmers. In fact, the government has decided to provide arrangements for polyhouses and shade nets under the Horticulture Development Scheme through Protected Farming. 

The government is providing substantial subsidies to farmers for farming through polyhouse and shade nets. This decision of the government will increase the income as well as production of the farmers.

How much grant will be given under the scheme?

Information about the scheme has been shared by Bihar Agriculture Department on social media platform X. According to the post of the Agriculture Department, the government is providing subsidies of up to 50 percent to the farmers for farming with the help of polyhouse and shade net under the Annual Horticulture Development Scheme through Protected Farming. 

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In this, farmers will be given 50% of the expenditure of Rs 935 i.e. Rs 467 for setting up a unit per square meter and 50% i.e. Rs 355 will be given out of the expenditure of Rs 710 per square meter for shade net.

How are polyhouses and shade nets beneficial for farmers?

If you are also a farmer and are thinking of doing farming by adopting polyhouse and shade net technology, then you are going to benefit greatly from this. Actually, this farming technique protects the crops from insect attacks. 

Using this technique reduces insect attacks by up to 90%. Through polyhouse and shade net technology, you can do farming safely year after year.

How to apply to avail the benefits of the scheme?

To avail the benefits of the scheme, first go to the official website of the Horticulture Department. To avail the benefits of the schemes run under the Horticulture Directorate on the home page, click on the option of Online Portal. 

There click on apply for Horticulture Development Scheme by Protected Cultivation. After this, some terms and conditions will appear in front of you on the new page. 

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Now read these terms and conditions carefully and click on the option to agree to the information. As soon as you do this, the application form will open in front of you. Now fill all the required information asked carefully. 

After this upload the required documents. As soon as the documents are uploaded, click on the submit option. Thus you will successfully apply online under this scheme.

Farmers should contact here for more information

For more information related to the scheme, farmers can visit the official website of Bihar Agriculture Department, Horticulture Directorate. Apart from this, information can also be obtained from the Assistant Director of Horticulture Department of the local district.