Grants for growing fruit and vegetables on the roof by Bihar government

Published on: 16-Jan-2024

If you also want to make your home beautiful and the environment better  , then you should grow fruits, vegetables on your roof. In fact, the Bihar government is providing a grant of up to Rs 37500 for gardening over the roof. Nowadays, people do not have enough time in their busy life  that they can go to the field and do gardening. Because of this, most people do horticulture on the roof of their houses or in small areas.

For such people, the government has now started a scheme. They do not have enough land to do horticulture. Also, he performs gardening on the roof of his house. Such people are being given a great grant from the Bihar government. This grant is being given on growing organic fruits, flowers and vegetables on the roof . For your information, let us tell you that this grant will be given to the people under the 'Horticulture Scheme' RoofTop Gardening Scheme.

People of these cities of Bihar will get the benefit of the scheme

The main objective of this scheme of the government is to encourage horticulture in urban areas. The benefit of this scheme will be provided to the people living in Patna, Gaya, Muzaffarpur and Bhagalpur. In these cities, the government is providing a grant of up to 75% percent of the horticulture in these cities. For this, the roof of the house should be open to about 300 sq ft.

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According to the information released by the Agriculture Department Bihar, the total cost of the farming bed per unit (300 sq ft) is around Rs 50,000. In this way, grants will be given by the beneficiary up to Rs 37,500 and the remaining Rs 12,500.

At the same time, the cost of the pot plan  has been fixed at Rs 10,000 under the roof horticulture scheme. The grants on this will be payable by the beneficiary up to Rs 7,500 and the remaining Rs 2,500. In this, the benefit of maximum 5 units can be availed by any applicant. The benefit of this scheme will not be given to any institution.

To Know which plants will get grant

If you want, you can also grow the plants in the farming beds and pots on your roof. Actually, these plants will also be given a grant from the Government of Bihar. Farming beds and plants in pot are something like this -

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What are the plants planted under the farming bed?

Vegetables: Cabbage, Carrot, Radish, lady finger , Leafy vegetable, pumpkin, brinjal, tomato and chilli etc.

Fruit: Guava, paper lemon, papaya (red lady), mango (Amrapali), pomegranates and fig etc.

Medicinal plants: Aloevera , Curry Leaf, Malabar nut , Lemon Grass and Ashwagandha etc.

Information about plants inside the pot

10 inch plants: Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Aloe vera, stevia, mint etc.

12 inch plants: Snake Plant Dacon, Money, Rose, Moonlight etc.

Plants with 14 inches: Erica Palm, Ficus Panda, Adenium, Aparajita, Curry Leaf, Bhutani Mallika, Starlight Ficus, Tecoma, Allamanda, Bougainville etc.

16 inch plants: Guava, Mango, Lemon, Sapodilla, Banana, Apple Plum, Rubber Plant, X Mass, Crotan, Oriental  Arborvitae ,  Udhul etc.

How to apply to the horticulture scheme on the roof?

If you also want to take advantage of this scheme of the government, then for this you will have to visit the official website of Horticulture Directorate, Agriculture Department, Bihar. From where you can successfully apply through online medium.