75% subsidy on opening onion storage houses in this state

Published on: 14-Nov-2023

Onions have become very expensive in India nowadays. Now you can also take advantage of this in such a situation. However, for that you have to open an onion storage house. If you also want to earn a strong income through onion, open an onion storage house. The big thing here is that you will also get a grant up to Rs 4.5 lakh on its construction. Nowadays onion in India is extracting a lot of tears from the public. The reason for this is its price. Onion prices have again become skyrocketing. According to the supply, due to no storage of onion, its prices have been increased. However, you can also get the benefit of the rise in onion prices. You just have to open an onion storage house, on which you will also get a grant. At the same time, later onion storage and auction will also be profitable.

Bihar government took important steps

Indeed, the Bihar government has done a big exercise to develop a wider onion storage system. The state government is providing grants for onion storage. So that onion storage can be ensured in the state. At the same time, people should also benefit from this. In such a situation, if you too are from Bihar and are thinking of starting a new business, then you can take advantage of this scheme of Bihar government. Similarly, farmers can make their local storage in rural areas, on which the government is giving subsidy of up to 75 percent.

How much subsidy Bihar government is providing

According to the horticulture department of the Government of Bihar, the State Government is providing grants for the establishment of onion storage under the Vegetable Development Program (2023-2024). According to this plan of the government, a cost of Rs 6 lakh has been fixed for 50 metric tonnes of onion storage unit. On this, the government will give you a 75 percent grant. In such a situation, if you construct an onion storage house, then you will get a subsidy of up to 4 lakh 50 thousand rupees on it. This means that you will have to spend only 1 lakh 50 rupees for construction from your pocket.

You can apply in these districts of Bihar

The Bihar government is currently running this scheme in a few districts. Under this, people and farmers of districts like Aurangabad, Gaya, Nalanda, Patna, Buxar, Nawada and Sheikhpura can apply for onion storage. The process of applying is completely online, which is currently started.

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Apply like this to take advantage of the scheme

If you also want to take advantage of this scheme and open an onion storage house, then you can apply for this by visiting the official website of the Horticulture Department. To apply, first go to the website. After this, click on 'Vegetable Development Scheme', where you will get a link related to the grant on the construction of onion storage houses. After clicking on the link, fill all your information and submit the form.