Buffalo worth 10 crores takeover the center of gathering in Bihar dairy and cattle expo 2023

By: Merikheti
Published on: 25-Dec-2023

Bihar dairy and cattle expo 2023 presented a three day exhibition from Thursday in the capital of Bihar, Patna. Dozens of companies associated with dairy and animal husbandry set up their stalls in this expo. During this a buffalo also became the center of attraction. The picture of this buffalo is also getting viral very fastly on social media. The price of this buffalo has been kept around 10 crores. This buffalo Golu-2 brought from Haryana to Patna lives in an AC room in its dairy farm. Along with food, golu daily eats 5kgs of apple, 5kgs of gram and also drinks 20 liters of milk everyday. Two people massage him everyday. Farmers from Haryana also shared information about the buffalo.

From where did Golu buffalo mainly come?

According to media reports, this buffalo named golu has been brought from Haryana to Patna. This buffalo is of Murrah species. The owner of this buffalo says, the cost of this buffalo is around 10 crore rupees. For this, the owner of this buffalo, Narendra Singh has also received Padmashree award from the honorable President. This buffalo is used for reproduction. The owner of this 10 crore priced buffalo, Narendra Singh said that they daily feed the buffalo with plain fodder. There is an expense of around 50 to 60 thousand per month on this buffalo. This expensive buffalo has also been a part of other agricultural fairs.

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Golu-2 buffalo is considered to be the third generation of the family 

Farmer said that this 6 year old buffalo Golu-2 is the third generation of the house. His grandfather was the first generation, whose name was Golu. Their son BC 448-1 was named Golu-1. This is the grandson of Golu who is named as Golu-2.

Farmer stated- “we are hoping that the farmers from all over India get the benefit of this buffalo. This buffalo is in the news on social media nowadays.