Maize has made the market rich, know how many quintals have produce

Published on: 26-Nov-2023

The arrival of maize in Guna Agricultural Produce Market has broken all previous records. Maize has made the farmers, traders as well as the mandi administration rich this time. This situation was seen when the government reduced the Mandi Tax by 0.50 percent in the month of October. In the 70 days between October 1 and November 10, the mandi has received about Rs 4 crore as mandi tax.

The market became rich because of maize 

Earlier, the tax rate was 1.50 per cent. It has come down to just one per cent. Despite this, 2.44 crore mandi tax was collected in the month of October. 38% more tax has been collected as compared to the previous year 2022. In the first 10 days of November, Rs 1.40 crore was collected as market tax.

One crore in just one month's time 

If we talk about the last ten days, 41000 quintals of produce was mailed in the mandi, out of which the arrival of maize alone was up to 33000 quintals.In the month of October to November, now 14 lakh quintals of arrival has been recorded. Out of this, if we talk about maize only, then it was 9 lakh quintals i.e. 65% percent participation. Such an influx of maize had never been recorded in the Kharif season till date. Maize has dominated the soybean crop this time.