Farmers of Bundelkhand are getting huge benefits from the cultivation of Bluecone flower.

Published on: 24-Sep-2023

For your information, according to Vinay Kumar Yadav, Deputy Director of the Agriculture Department, Bluecone's nursery is prepared in November. Also, three months after planting, the flowers begin to grow on the plants.Bluecone flowers are used to make ayurvedic medications.This is why pharmaceutical firms frequently purchase bluecone flowers.

People immediately associate the word Bundelkhand with drought-stricken places. Because there is a significant water problem in the Bundelkhand region. Rainfall is also quite low when compared to other districts of Uttar Pradesh. In such a circumstance, the majority of farmers here grow coarse grains such as maize and millet. As a result, farmers get a very low income. However, farmers here are increasingly farming contemporary crops in the same way that farmers in other states do. Farmers here are becoming more interested in horticulture than is required. Because of this, the farmer brothers' income has grown.

Farmers of Bundelkhand cultivating Bluecone Flowers

For your knowledge, farmers in Bundelkhand are currently planting Bluecone flowers. It's a sort of alien flower. It is solely grown in Germany. However, farmers in Bundelkhand have begun to cultivate Bluecone as well. The main attribute of this flower is that it requires minimal watering. This means that it can grow even in drought-prone locations. This is why bluecone is cultivated in drought-prone regions of Germany.

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Earn near 9 lakhs by selling Bluecone flowers

The unique feature is that if you cultivate it in a single bigha, you can easily harvest up to 15 kg of blossoms every day. This means you may make Rs 30 thousand per day from a single bigha of land. In this manner, farming brothers might make Rs 9 lakh per month by selling flowers.

Flower sold at 2k per kg

Actually, the Uttar Pradesh government is currently working to encourage its cultivation in both Bundelkhand and Jhansi. According to experts, the environment here is ideal for cultivating bluecone flowers. Additionally, the Agriculture Department is establishing a nursery for these blooms. The government is giving it to farmers to cultivate. Bluecone flowers are sold in the market for Rs 2000 per kilogramme.