The Central government banned the import of this herbicide chemical.

By: Merikheti
Published on: 30-Jan-2024

The Government of India has banned the import of low-priced 'Glufosinate Technical'. This decision has been implemented across India from January 25, 2024. 'Glufosinate Technical' is used to remove weeds in the fields. Know here about the reason behind the ban on glufosinate technical. 

Indian farmers use different types of chemicals/chemical fertilizers to get better production from their crops, due to which the crop yield is quite good. But, its use causes great harm to the fields. Besides this, the fruits of crops grown using chemicals also do not taste tasty. 'Glufosinate Technical' is used by farmers for excellent growth of plants and better production. Presently the Government of India has banned this chemical named Glufosinate Technically. For your information, let us tell you that the government has recently banned the import of the herbicide Glufosinate Technical, which is available at cheap prices. The assessment is that the government has taken this decision intending to encourage domestic manufacturing.

What is glufosinate technical used for?

Farmers use glufosinate technology to destroy or remove noxious weeds from fields. Apart from this, some farmers also use it for better growth of plants. So that by getting maximum production from the crop, they can earn huge income from it.  

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Glufosinate Technical Chemical Why Import Prohibited

The ban order on Glufosinate technical chemicals has been implemented across the country from January 25, 2024. Regarding the ban on glufosinate technical chemicals, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade says that the ban on the import of glufosinate technical has been changed from free to a prohibited category. 

He has also said that if the cost, insurance, and freight price on this is more than Rs 1,289 per kg, then the import of Glufosinate Technical will remain the same as before. But, due to its very low price, its import has been banned in India.