Central government had made all the arrangements to stop the inflation before the festivals

By: MeriKheti
Published on: 04-Oct-2023

Central government had made all the arrangements to stop the inflation before the upcoming festivals like Durga Puja and Diwali. The government has its focus on farmers too along with common people. For the same reason, the centre had abolished the export duty charges from regular varieties of onion. The central government has taken a big decision for Onion producing farmers. They have removed export duty over onions. Millions of farmers took a breath of relief after this. It is being said that it will benefit the farmers. They will get good prices for onions now. Whereas, the finance ministry has also issued a notification regarding removal of export duty over onions. The special thing about this is that the central government has removed export duty on only Bengaluru Rose varieties of onions. The government stated in its notification that the permission to export has been made on some terms and conditions. According to the government, from this decision, Onion producers will get the benefit directly.

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At what rates, onions are being sold 

Actually, to Stop the increasing price of onions, the central government had put a 40 percent export duty on onions in the last month of August. At that time, the government justified it as their step to stop the inflation. The export duty will be charged on onion till 31 December 2023. The government expected that this will decrease the export of onions from the country and the stock of onion will increase. This will result in decreasing the rates of onions in the market. However, this decision of the government resulted in lowering the price of onions. At present the 40 rupees selling onions are now sold at 30 to 35 rupees per kilogram.

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The supply of onion is done in these countries 

Let us tell you that this Bengaluru rose variety of onion has high demand in foreign countries. Its major export is being done in countries like Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. Along with this, the exporters will have to show the certification of quality of Bengaluru rose onion for export in the horticulture commission of Karnataka. As the government has made it compulsory to show the certification.