Central government has allowed to open fertilizers and seed shops after passing 10th standard

By: Merikheti
Published on: 23-Nov-2023

Youngsters who have passed 10th standard can now learn about Fertilizer and seeds and open fertilizer and seed shops. This is a special initiative by the central government.

To support the fertilizers seed sector of India the government has changed some rules and regulations to create more employment opportunities. From now on 10th pass people can also do fertilizer seed business. The government has prepared a 15 day educational course after completion of which young people can open fertilizer seed shops. 

In the agricultural sector from now on along with the graduated youth the 10th pass youth can also do fertilizer seed business. This step will help generate employment. The government has provided a lot of facilities in the seed Fertilizer industry this would help the youth to become self sufficient and independent. It good also benefit a lot in the agricultural sector by opening up new opportunities.

Farmers will earn more than invested

The method to invest less and gain a lot of profit in the seed fertilizer business has completely changed in the present time. Nowadays to enter the seat fertilizer business unit to get a licence and follow complete set of rules. To to be eligible for business purposes you need to deposit 12 500 rupees in fertilizers seed Kendra as fee. Completion of this course is compulsory anyone who does not complete this course will not be given a licence. Specialist say that this step will make the sellers experience and will help them grodar business. There are a lot of opportunities for agriculture related jobs.

10th pass person can open a seed and fertilizer Store

The Kisan Kalyan Vibhag has made an important decision. Presently to open a seed fertilizer Store Bsc agriculture or diploma in agriculture is compulsory but from now on 10th pass people can also open seed fertilizer stores. From now 10th pass youth can sell pesticides, fertilizer , feed etc. Because this compulsion of completing a BSc or diploma has been completely waveed off.