Cotton cultivation can bring profit to farmer brothers

Published on: 13-Dec-2023

Through cultivation of cotton, farmer brothers can earn high profit. Farmer brothers can earn great profit by selling cotton in the market. They make excellent profit through cultivation of cotton. Farmer brothers should be aware of certain things about cultivation of cotton. For cultivation of cotton, it is important to fabulously uniform the surface of the land. Farmer brothers should apply organic manure in it. For sowing of cotton, consider the quality of seeds and fertility of land. Usually, 10 kg of seeds are required per acre of land. Sow the seed 2-3 cm deep under the ground. Cotton field requires good irrigation. Do the first irrigation after 10-15 days. After this, give water according to the requirements of the field. To get a good yield out of a cotton farm, a sufficient amount of manure and fertilizer is required.

Spraying pesticides is extremely important.

During sowing, apply 20 kg nitrogen, 60 kg phosphorous and 40 kg potash. After 20-25 days, apply 10 kg  nitrogen per acre. After 40-45 days, apply 10 kg nitrogen per acre. Prevention of pests : Cotton fields can be affected by pests. To prevent pests, spray pesticides. Read also : Nanded based Cotton Research Center developed three new varieties of cotton

What are the benefits of cotton?

Cotton is an important cash field. Farmer brothers can earn good profit by selling cotton in markets. Cotton clothes, threads and ropes are prepared from cotton.

It is important to dry cotton in sunlight.

Cotton fields can catch diseases and insects. Farmer brothers should keep a check on the farm from time to time and control disease and insects also. According to the need, spray disease sanative and pesticides also. Cotton ripens in a time interval of 120-130 days. When the field ripens, do the harvest. Let the crop dry in sunlight after the harvest.