How to check crops for lack of nutrients.

By: Merikheti
Published on: 19-Nov-2023

How to check crops for lack of nutrients. 

During farming many times the crop gets destroyed. Also the production capacity decreases and the crop gets infected with diseases. The major reason for these problems is the lack of important nutrients in the crop. Therefore in today's articles we will tell you about some necessary nutrients which decide the growth and development of the plant. Like a human body requires nutrients for its growth the plants also require nutrients for their development and growth. Due to nutrients the plants develop and these nutrients also help the organic matter grow. If these nutrients aren't provided in the timely manner it could stop the growth of the plant and ruin the crop. Important nutrients for crops include oxygen, potash, nitrogen, phosphorus, carbon, etc. The deficiency of the nutrients affects the produce.

Symptoms of lack of nutrients

1 Lack of Boron

Due to lack of Boron in the crop the plants turn yellow from the growing parts. Along with this buds turn white and look like dead tissues. 

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2 lack of sulphur

Lack of sulphur causes a change in colour from deep green to White in the leaves. Later these leaves turn white. Lack of sulphur target new leaves first.

3 Lack of manganese

Manganese deficiency causes the leaves to turn their colour to brownish yellow and brownish red. The edges and tips of the leaves changes colour.

4 Lack of zinc

Lack of zinc in crops causes the veins of leaves to lose their green colour. Also the leaves look like bronze.

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5 Lack of magnesium

It causes the tips of the leaf to turn dark green and the veins turn golden yellowish. After that red purple spots start to appear inwards from the edges.

6 Lack of phosphorus

Leaves of different plants remain small due to lack of phosphorus. Also the plant turns pinkish.

7 Lack of calcium

Due to lack of calcium the top most leaves start to fall and also buds start to dry.