These five advanced varieties are quite spectacular for mustard cultivation in the Rabi season.

Published on: 15-Oct-2023

Mustard is one of the major rabi crops. Explain that mustard cultivation is done prominently in many states of India. If we talk about advanced varieties of mustard, then Raj Vijay Mustard-2, Pusa Mustard 21, Pusa Mustard RH 30, Pusa Bold and Pusa Mustard are 28sa Bold and Pusa Mustard 28.. In fact, in almost all the states of India, everything from sowing of crops to harvesting remains dependent on the weather. As you know, the time of harvesting of kharif crops is going on. Also, farmers are preparing to sow rabi crops. At the same time, the major crops sown in the rabi crop are potatoes, peas, mustard, wheat etc. Today we will give you information about the best varieties of mustard. The names of these advanced varieties of mustard are Pusa Bold, Pusa Mustard 28, Raj Vijay Mustard-2, Pusa Mustard 21 and Pusa Mustard RH 30. All these are the most preferred mustard varieties in the production of oilseeds in India. These varieties make more profits at the cost of farmers per hectare. Their production is also more than the rest of the varieties. So let's know in detail about these varieties of mustard.

5 advanced varieties for mustard cultivation

Mustard Pusa Bold

The time period for ripening of mustard Pusa bold is 100 to 140 days. The area of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Delhi is considered suitable for sowing it. If we talk about its yield per hectare, it provides 20 to 25 quintals per hectare yield. The amount of oil inside it is up to 40 percent.

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Pusa mustard 28

The period of crop ripening and harvesting is 105 to 110 days. It is sown in states like Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab, Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir. Farmer brothers can get 18 to 20 quintals of production per hectare. Talking about the amount of oil, it is up to 21 percent.

Raj Vijay Mustard-2

The crop ripening time is from 120 to 130 days. It is produced in areas of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh. At the same time, the average yield from this ranges from 20 to 25 quintals per hectare. The amount of oil ranges from about 37 to 40 percent.

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Pusa Mustard R H30

It takes about 130 to 135 days for this type of mustard crop to ripen. The area of sowing this variety is Haryana, Punjab and Western Rajasthan. At the same time, if we talk about per hectare, it is from 16 to 20 quintals per hectare. If we talk about the amount of oil inside it, then it is up to 39 percent.

Pusa Mustard 21

The time of ripening of this variety of crops is around 137 to 152 days. Explain that it can be produced prominently in Punjab, Rajasthan and Delhi. For your information, tell that 18 to 21 quintals of production can be taken per hectare. Talking about the amount of oil from this type of mustard, it is about 37 to 40 percent. According to the Indian Institute of Lonacles of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, if farmers of these areas want more production, then these varieties of mustard can prove to be a profitable deal for farmers. All these varieties produce more percentage of oil per hectare with more production.