Cultivation of healthy liquorice is a profitable deal for the farmers.

By: MeriKheti
Published on: 24-Sep-2023

Farmers can get prosperous by growing liquorice.Information on how to cultivate it is provided below. Medicinal herbs have been grown extensively in India since antiquity.

By harvesting these herbs, they may increase their revenues. You can even use a barren land to its full potential by cultivating it. Therefore today we are gonna give you insights on liquorice cultivation.Rajasthan is regarded as the most suitable location for liquorice production because of its weather characteristics.The root of licorice takes around three years to grow into a bush with a strong stem. Furthermore, after harvesting, planting licorice in 1 hectare can produce up to 4000 kg.

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After harvesting, liquorice roots remain in the fields and can be grown again by irrigation. Farmers that cultivate licorice once can reap dividends for many years. Mulethi cultivation is commonly used in Ayurveda. Mulethi is purchased by Ayurvedic or other pharmaceutical firms for somewhere between Rs 50 and Rs 100. This allows farmers to earn a good living at a minimal cost by properly using barren soil.

How is Liquorice Cultivated

Ploughing the land 2-3 times deep will help to strengthen the soil.

Before ploughing, mix ten to fifteen cartloads of decaying cow dung, eight kilogrammes of nitrogen and sixteen kilogrammes of phosphorus into the field.

Preparing the roots properly before planting in the fields can help to prevent insects and illnesses in the crop.

Before planting, cut 8-9 inch pieces with two or three eyes and bury three or four of them in the soil.

Plant liquorice in rows and provide mild watering shortly after planting.

Keep the soil wet enough for the plant to flourish.

Continue weeding the fields and keeping an eye on the weeds.

Use organic insecticides to protect the liquorice crop from illnesses and insects.

What are the advantages of liquorice?

Effective in boosting the immune system: Liquorice contains antioxidants, which aid to boost the immune system. To boost your immune system, drink liquorice tea or combine it with honey and ghee.

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It is quite useful to the digestive system: Mulethi helps the digestive system. It is thought to help alleviate constipation, stomach discomfort, and bloating.

Helpful in minimising coughing:Coughing is frequent throughout the winter season; to relieve it, chew on a piece of liquorice. It helps to relieve coughs.

Sucking a piece of liquorice like candy is effective in relieving hiccups. It is highly effective in eradicating hiccups.

Liquorice is also said to be particularly efficient in strengthening hair. It can improve the appearance and thickness of your hair. Soak the licorice powder in water. Also, apply it to the scalp,using this, you can maintain your hair healthy.