Learn how you can open a dairy business without animal husbandry

Published on: 30-Sep-2023

Farmers can start dairy related business without cow and buffalo rearing. You will get very good profits in this business. If you are also willing to earn great profits by investing less money, then this news is of great use to you. Today we will give you information about a business in which you will earn big money. But, for this, you have to work hard. There is a multi-crore dairy business in India. If you want to leave the job and do business, then this article of ours is extremely beneficial for you.

Actually, if we look, there are different types of businesses in the dairy sector. In this, you can start a dairy product business or earn good profits by supplying milk by raising cows and buffaloes. But, if you do not want to raise cows and buffaloes and want to do dairy business, then also there is an opportunity for you. You can open a milk collection center.

Milk Collection Method

The milk company first takes milk from the cattle farmers of many villages. This milk is collected from different places and reaches the plants of the companies. Work is done there, in which milk is first collected at the village level. Then sent from one place to another city or plant. In this case, you can open the milk collection. The collection centre collects milk from the village and sends it to the plant. At various places, people come to give milk themselves. At the same time, many collection centers themselves take milk from cattle farmers. In this case, you have to check the fat of milk. It has to be stored in a separate container. Then it has to be sent to the milk company.

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The price is determined as follows

The price of milk is determined on the basis of fat and SNF present in it. The price of cooperative milk is determined by 6.5% fat and 9.5% SNF. After this, the amount of fat decreases, the price also decreases.

Start the center as follows

You do not need much money to open a center. First of all, contact the milk company. After this, milk has to be collected and given to them. Explain that this work is done on behalf of the cooperative union. Some people together form a committee. Then a collection center is built on some villages. Funds are also given for this by the company.