Important step by the government to control rising prices of pulses.

Published on: 09-Nov-2023

Because of the upcoming festivals, the prices of pulses have been increasing in the market for the last two weeks. The retail price of gram dal has increased from Rs 60 to Rs 90 per kg. And the urad has crossed the price of Rs 100 per kg. Similarly, tur dal is being sold at Rs 150 to Rs 160 per kg. An important step has been taken by the government to control the prices of pulses. Due to the surge in demand, there is a possibility of a rise in the prices of pulses in the coming days. Due to this, the Central Government has increased the stock limit of urad and toor dal for importers. There will be an increase in the supply of pulses in the market, which will result in helping in controlling the prices.

New rules regarding storage limit of pulses

The Department of Consumer Affairs has issued a notification, in which new instructions have been issued for importers, small and big retailers and mill owners regarding the storage limit of pulses. It has been said in the notification that the government has given approval to the wholesalers of Toor Dal and Urad Dal to increase the storage of pulses from the earlier 50 MT to 200 MT. The government has also doubled the time limit for which importers can hold their stock after clearance to 60 days

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No change will be done in stock holding capacity

According to the notification, there is no change in the stock holding capacity for small retailers. Let us tell you that the storage limit for small retailers is 5 metric tons. Additionally, it has also been stated that millers can store 25% of the production of the last three months or the annual installed capital, whichever is higher. Earlier it was limited to only 10%.

According to the Dal Mill Association, this decision will increase the supply.

Suresh Aggarwal, President of All-India Dal Mill Association, says that according to the data this exemption given by the Central Government will help the industry in increasing the supply of Toor and Urad pulses in the market. He said that the industry had recommended this in its last meeting with the officials. By increasing the availability of an adequate quantity of pulses in the market, the demand can be met. Besides, there will be a lot of help in controlling the prices.

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The price of chana dal increased from Rs 60 to Rs 90 in the market.

The price of gram dal has increased from Rs 60 per kg to Rs 85-90 per kg in the last 15 days. To provide relief from expensive chana dal, the government is selling chana dal at about Rs 30 cheaper than the market price through cooperative societies NAFED and NCCF. On November 6, Union Minister Piyush Goyal released 100 vans of NAFED. Through this, gram dal is being sold at Rs 60 per kg, onion at Rs 25 per kg and flour at Rs 27.50 per kg.