Dhanuka Agritech has spoken of strengthening Indian agriculture with modern technology in a press release

Published on: 17-Jan-2024

Dhanuka Agritech press release: As an effective solution to the problems of Indian farmers, Dhanuka Agritech has brought products that will increase the percentage of profit as well as the percentage of profit. Not only this, through the Dhanuka state -of -the -art Research and Development and Training Center, this company is also providing the latest solutions to the farmers without any obstruction.

Indian agriculture is currently going through major changes in the present time. Due to the wave of this change,  due to modern agricultural technology or agri -tech, the country is now ready to emerge on the international platform as an agricultural superpower. In the last few years, Agri -Tech has increased profit percentage and production capacity, which has once again strengthened the important role of agriculture in the country's economy.

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By observing such increase, it can be said that by the year 2030, India's dividend contribution to GDP has a capacity to reach $ 600 billion, which will increase by more than 50 percent as compared to 2020. In addition, Agri -Tech is also contributing to the upliftment of rural areas, which is establishing India as a major producer in the field of food production globally.

This mission to strengthen India's position globally in the agriculture sector is carried forward by

Dhanuka Agritech. Playing the role of a leader, the company is providing new agriculture -techniques and modern methods to Indian farmers, making them even more competent. Not only this, the company has also promoted innovation in the field of Agri -Tech using state -of -the -art technologies and sustainable agricultural solutions.

To get the latest information related to agriculture, Dhanuka has joined hands with the top agri -input companies of countries like America, Japan and Europe. Using this, the company has introduced such state -of -the -art technology in Indian agriculture, which is leading the country to become a leader in the agriculture sector globally. Currently, Dhanuka has three such state -of -the -art manufacturing facilities through which the highest level of agricultural products are being produced.

Dhanuka is using these latest methods to prepare a large range of its products associated with the agrochemical industry. These products include weed pesticides, fungicides, biologicals, and plant growth regulators, which effectively solve problems related to the main crop pests, diseases and weeds. Dhanuka has brought new products to enable farmers to face these problems related to crops and keep the crop safe. Talking about the BiologiQ range of Dhanuka's products, it has bio -fertilizer, bio -insecticides, and bio -fangsides.

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Organic agents present in all these control the pests and diseases on crops to promote the growth of plants. Dhanuka's new product Tizom which was launched last year is a weed killer made specifically for sugarcane. It helps in managing the problem of weeds connected to sugarcane fields. For the problems of Indian agriculture towards development, the products coming in the range of Biologiq and Tizom provide such effective solutions that can prove to be helpful in increasing the production capacity and profits for the farmers.

Has brought some effective and modern solutions for. The BIOLGIQ range has made products keeping in mind many needs like crop protection, soil health, plant nutrition. These include bio -pesticides, fungicides and crop nutrients. Biological Insecticides make the targeted insects their hosts and eliminate them from inside. Its quality makes it a powerful pesticide. At the same time, Fungicides control the activity of pathogenic fungus and bacteria of plants. This helps to keep the plants healthy and safe. This range provides products such as Nemataxe, Whiteaxe, Sporenil, Downil, Myconxt, and Omninxt, which effectively give long -term solutions to special problems related to crops.

The products of the Biologiq range are prepared from natural things. It does not contain artificial chemicals. Instead, these products are manufactured from pure microbial strain. These products contribute not only to the best crop yield but also to rejuvenate soil health. This increases the chances of more economic benefits through farming, on the other hand it does not harm the environment. The products of this range live on stringent government regulatory standards including FCO and CIBRC. They also have international certificates like IMO, Indocert, Ecocert, OMRI. It shows the reliability of these products and proves that the global criteria has been fully followed in the process of making them. This product range provides agricultural solutions to the thinking of Dhanuka Agritech, committed to providing agricultural solutions, which ensures that every product of the company definitely live up to the highest security standards.

Tizom product will save Indian sugarcane farmer's crops from weed

Indian agriculture is full of many variations, in which the need to solve different kinds of agricultural problems remains continuously. In such a situation, the tizom presented by Dhanuka Agritech appears as a revolutionary weed. It is a wonderful mixture of two chemicals, which is easily capable of controlling a variety of khataparvars. It is an effective solution to control complex weeds that include wide leaf weed (BLWS), narrow leaf weeds and weeds of Motha species. In particular, Tizom has been designed for the Khanpatvars who are coming to the sugarcane field which is proving to be a boon for Indian sugarcane farmers.

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The specialty of Tizom is that it enables sugarcane farmers to control the weeds coming to their fields. This weed killer  prepared with Japanese technology does not allow the sugarcane crop to have any side effects due to its selective properties. Along with this, Tizom is also capable of controlling the weed for a long time, which is helping Indian sugarcane farmers to increase the yield of their sugarcane crop, which is causing them.

In every type of situation, Tizom weed killer is making the control of complex weeds easy and effective for cultivated farmers using different types of resources. Along with this, it is proving to be helpful in increasing sugarcane yield while keeping the crop safe.

Dhanuka Agricultural Research and Technology Center in Palwal, Haryana, Dhanuka, has been well understood since the beginning, showing the ambition of Dhanuka to become a leader in agriculture renovation. It is very important. This is the reason that he established a large R&D setup. Currently, Dhanuka is one of the largest research and development teams, with experienced scientists and technical experts, who have worked in the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), State Agricultural Universities (SAUs) and various prestigious research organisations of the country.

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Dhanuka Agritech has recently established a state -of -the -art Research and Development Center, Dhanuka Agricultural Research and Technology Center (DART) in Palwal, Haryana. The establishment of this center reflects the company's commitment to research further. Dart is focused on developing agricultural solutions that can meet the growing needs of Indian farmers. For this, this center has been equipped with a wide range of laboratories including biological synthesis, analytical, formulation, soil and water analysis, agricultural research and development, botany, bio -insecticide, bio assure and insect -removal. With these characteristics it comes as a center that tries to resolve the current and future challenges related to farming through basic, practical and favorable research to ensure sustainable development of Indian agriculture. .

For comprehensive research at this center, distinguished scientists, agronomers and industry experts work together so that the farmers can be provided with practical and latest solutions. Not only this, this center also provides services such as soil testing, water analysis and bio -insecticide testing to farmers. Through DART, Dhanuka Agritech provides the knowledge and equipment required to successfully deal with modern agriculture challenges. The mixture of advanced research with practical use also ensures that whatever new and modern solutions are there can reach the farmers working directly in the fields. Not only this, Dart also provides various types of crops related to crops by experts to farmers

Dahej Plant: Increase Agricultural Production Capacity

Last year, Dhanuka Agritech also focused considerable attention on increasing production capabilities. In August 2023, it established a new manufacturing centre in Dahej in Gujarat. The goal of Dhanuka is to ensure the safety of raw materials through this unit and pursue backward integration in the manufacturing process.

This unit displays the resolve to maintain its self -reliance and stability in Dhanuka's agriculture sector. However, the unit located in Gujarat will also prove to be very helpful in ensuring low cost of raw materials and increasing production. This strategic step suits Dhanuka's approach that targets to reduce dependence on others and spread high quality products to farmers across the country.

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At a time when the agricultural sector of the country stands at a significant turn, Dhanuka is continuously working on providing transformative products and leading solutions to Agritech farmers. It will play an important role in opening new dimensions to increase agricultural development and productivity. Whether it is the Biologiq range that protects the crop or Tizen, a successful managing weed, Dhanuka is directly addressing the emerging needs of Indian agriculture. Being a part of this initiative, Dhanuka Agricultural Research and Technology Center is united scientific research on the one hand, while on the other hand, they are working to increase self -sufficiency by expanding production capacity.

Dhanuka Agritech is ready to launch the new product in the year 2024, which is already being witnessed. Due to these latest products, the standards of India's current agricultural practices will be seen rising, while revolutionary changes will also be seen in the field of farming. This upcoming product chain is fully prepared to introduce state -of -the -art techniques and long -lasting solutions according to the growing needs of Indian agriculture.

On the basis of all these products and other things, Dhanuka Agritech is once again proving itself as a leader in the field of Agri -Tech. It can be seen as transmitting positive changes in the Indian agriculture sector. The company's continuous efforts towards innovation, stability and self -sufficiency are fully prepared to give better shape to the future of agriculture in India.