Gold-silver coin will be available on buying a tractor of Sonalika Company

By: Merikheti
Published on: 08-Nov-2023

If you are currently thinking about buying the tractor of Sonalika Company, then buy a tractor of Sonalika Company before Diwali. Because, on behalf of this company, farmers will be provided about 5 grams of gold coin and 50 grams or 25 grams of silver coin on purchasing tractors. If you plan to buy a tractor in November, then Sonalika Company has brought a special offer for you. In fact, tractor manufacturer Sonalika Company has provided a golden opportunity to win gold and silver to those who buy tractors on the occasion of Diwali. On this occasion, farmers of India will be provided about 5 grams of gold coin and 50 grams or 25 grams of silver coin to buy Sonalika tractor. This offer of gold and silver coins will be available to the farmers through lucky draws. According to the information received, this offer is from November 1 to November 19, 2023, on the tractors buying.

Sonalika Company's great offer for farmers

Through the tractor manufacturer Sonalika Company, only a few farmers will offer the gold-silver coin offer. For this offer, only seven farmers will be selected by the company. The benefit of this occasion will be given to the farmers who have bought the tractors of Sonalika Company from November 1 to November 19. It is being said that in this scheme of the company, the name of farmers will be announced on different dates through different dealerships.

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In this way gold and silver coin will be achieved

Sonalika Company's gold and silver offer will be given to farmers in this way. The first lucky winner will be provided 5 grams of gold coin, 50 grams of silver coin to the second lucky winner, 25 grams of silver coin to the third lucky winner and 10-10 grams silver coin to the remaining four farmers. Apart from this, various farmers are also expected to get dinner sets, LED TV, mobile phones and mixer grinders in gifts through this offer. Farmers can achieve any information related to this magnificent offer of Sonalika Tractor Company from the dealership of Sonalika tractor.