Necessary work related to garden crops in April.

By: Merikheti
Published on: 27-Feb-2024

There are many crops in April that farmers can produce and get financial benefits from. To earn a profit, the farmer will have to pay special attention to all these crops.

1. To prevent the fall of citrus fruits in April, spray 2, 4 D of 10 ppm mixed with 10 ml of water. 

2. Keep caring for the gardens and other plants like Amla planted during the rainy season. Take special care of tasks like weeding and irrigation of plants. 

3. Vine and papaya fruits are also harvested in April. These fruits should be harvested on time and sent to the market for sale. 

4. For the growth of the mango plant, work like irrigation and weeding should be done from time to time. Nutrients can also be used for this. For a 2-year-old plant, use 250 grams of phosphorus, 50 grams of nitrogen, and 500 grams of potash. 

5. Tuberose and rose flowers are also sown in April. Weeding should be done on these flowers from time to time. Besides, dry branches of these flowers should also be removed. 

6. Pay special attention to summer flowers in April such as portulaca, kochia, and zinnia. All work related to irrigation and weeding should be done occasionally. 

7. Keep a close eye on the popular plants. Popular plants are more prone to termite pests. To control the attack of this insect, spray chlorpyrifos on the plants. 

8. Gladiolus flowers are harvested in April. After plucking the flowers, dry them thoroughly in the shade for a few days. After that, treat the seeds obtained from flowers with 2% Mancozeb powder. 

9. To prevent mango fruits from falling, spray a 15 ppm solution of NNAI. Also, to increase the size of mango fruits, spray 2% urea solution.