Drone Didi Kavita is achieving great production with the help of drones

By: Merikheti
Published on: 25-Jan-2024

 Kavita took drone training by IFFCO and sprayed nano fertilizers on crops, which is giving her a handsome income today. Digitization is being encouraged by the government, whose impact is also increasing at a great pace in the agricultural sector. The help of drones is now being taken in agricultural works. This is giving a lot of convenience to the people. Drone Didi scheme has also been started by the government. Under the scheme, women are promoting women empowerment by becoming drone pilots. Today we will tell about the story of one such drone didi and the journey of becoming a drone didi.

Drone Didi pilot Kavita is a native of

Today we will tell you the story of Dran Didi Pilot Kavita, a native of Rohtak, Haryana. Kavita has sprayed nano fertilizers on crops by taking drone training through Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative IFFCO. This is earning them a very handsome income today. At the same time, she has also emerged as an example for other women. Kavita is a postgraduate, but she was unemployed. He got information from some means that IFFCO is training a drone pilot, after which he contacted IFFCO and took 15 days of drone pilot training.


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Nano urea and nano DAP sprayed in 90 acres in 15 days

After the completion of the training, Kavita was provided free drones and e-rickshaws, through which she is spraying Nano Urea and Nano DAP. He has sprayed nano urea and nano DAP in 90 acres in just 15 days. These include sugarcane, mustard and wheat crops. Through this, they are getting a lot of income. Kavita tells that she and her family have become stronger through this, for which she thanks IFFCO.