This E-Tractor will save farmers from diesel cost and pollution

Published on: 25-Oct-2023

The tractor, which is a farmer's foe, runs on an electric battery, relieving burdens of farmers of diesel expenditures. Yes, today we will provide you with information regarding International Tractors Limited's (ITPL) electric tractors.

The government is taking many steps and initiating projects to encourage battery-powered electric vehicles. The primary reason is to reduce the country's usage of nonrenewable resources such as petroleum while also developing alternative energy sources. Just so you know, in the agriculture  sector, there are new revolutionary machines such as agricultural drones and grass cutters. And, as a start in this direction, farmers' most trusted partner, the tractor, may now run on batteries rather than fuel.

Actually, we're talking about ITPL e-Tractors, International Tractors Limited's electric tractor.  The company has launched this tractor in 2023 itself.Further in this article, we shall discuss the tractor's pricing and characteristics.

Key features of ITPL e-Tractors

ITPL e-Tractors have a maximum speed of 30 km/hour. This tractor can travel for around 100 km on a single charge. It produces 35 horsepower. It can produce 300 Nm of torque.

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Pricing of ITPL e-Tractors

This tractor has been developed for the convenience of farmers. Farmers can simply do many forms of commercial labour after placing it in the fields. In addition, its market price has been set between Rs 3 and 5 lakh. This will also bring help to farmers facing a variety of issues. Furthermore, farmers will suffer significantly fewer expenditures in its upkeep.

Benefits of ITPL e-Tractors

Relief from over-consumption of diesel

Low cost and more output

Significantly less pollution

Low maintenance cost

Useful in domestic & commercial work

Milestone for the future

Given the agriculture sector's rapid growth, this tractor will be extremely beneficial both now and in the future. These tractors will replace naturally occurring petrol and diesel tractors around the planet. This is due to the fact that they work on electricity. Farmers are gradually shifting  to them because of  its minimal maintenance costs and ease of operation.

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Grants given to encourage E-Tractors

To inform you, if someone wants to buy a new e-tractor, the government will instantly provide him a grant based on the numerous schemes that are now being implemented. As a result, it is necessary to be familiar with all of their details. Currently, several state governments are providing funds as grants to make tractors available.You should only purchase it after gathering information from your local Krishi Vigyan Kendra or another government agriculture department.