Escorts Kubota releases 2023 December sales report, total sales decline by 18.6%

Published on: 05-Jan-2024

Escorts Kubota Tractors has released its sales figures for December 2023. According to the data, Escorts Kubota has sold less tractors in December 2023 as compared to December 2022 in domestic and export sales. The company has seen a decline of 17.0% in domestic sales, 31.8% decline in export sales and 18.6% decline in total sales.


Domestic sales of Escorts Kubota

According to the sales report released by Escorts Kubota, the company has faced a huge decline of 17.0% in domestic sales of tractors for December 2023. Escorts Kubota sold 4,979 tractors in India in December 2022. At the same time, the total domestic sales of tractors in December 2023 was 4,131 units.

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What are the export sales of Escorts Kubota tractor?

According to data released by the company, Escorts Kubota tractors have faced a decline of 31.8% in export sales. The company has sold a total of 405 tractors outside India in December 2023. But, export sales of 594 units were made in December 2022. Which is more than 2023. 

Total Domestic + Export Sales of Escorts Kubota Tractors

If we take a look at the total sales of Escorts Kubota tractors in December 2023, the company has registered a decline of 18.6% in domestic + export sales in the month of December. The company has sold a total of 4,536 tractors in December 2023. But, 5,573 Escorts Kubota tractors were sold in December 2022. Which is more than 2023.