Unique structure created by a farmer to protect crops from storms.

By: Merikheti
Published on: 15-Nov-2023

Unique structure created by a farmer to protect crops from storms. 

A farmer from Madhya Pradesh made a structure to protect his crops from storms and heavy wind. This structure isn't affected by hailstorm. Other farmers in the region are also impressed by this structure. There is a saying which means need is the cause of invention. This saying has been proven true by Aakash Chaursiya from Madhya Pradesh. Many farmers are reaching out to him for testing this new method. Due to this invention any crop can be protected from heat, winters and winds. Aaksah Chaurasiya does organic farming. He is known in the region for his thoughts for modren farming. He always keeps experimenting with different farming methods.


Unique structure to protect crops

To protect crops from harsh weather conditions Aakash Chaurasiya made a structure, in which he has prepared a net at a certain height using bamboo and grass. In winters to protect crop from morning due. But using this structure you can protect all your crops upto 12 feet heights. It can protect from hailstorm as well. And the melted water from hailstorm in turn benefits the crops. 

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Cost of making the structure

According to Aaksh the upfront cost of making the structure is Rupees 50000 but once made it lasts upto 6 years. Instead of making the structure farmers can grow two crops simultaneously. One on the ground crop production and another one a winter crop on the bamboo sticks. After making such a structure farmers can earn up to 1.5 lakhs from 1 acre of land.

Aakash Chaurasiya trains farmers for free

Aakash Chaurasiya also teaches how to build this structure for free so that other farmers can also benefit and save their crops. Aakash says farmers come to him from various different regions to learn how to build this structure. Aakash Chaurasia belongs to Sanjay Nagar where he has 2.5 acre of land covered with this structure. He also has a farmhouse in Kapuria village where he teaches other farmers how to build the structure.