Farmers can grow potatoes after harvesting rice

Published on: 21-Dec-2023

Potatoes are grown on a large scale in the Rabi season. In Uttar Pradesh the maximum amount of potato farming is done. Potatoes can be grown on any type of soil. Small farmers sow potatoes by hand and big farmers use machines for sowing potatoes. These days farmers grow potatoes after harvesting rice. In this article information about potato production is provided

Preparation of land for sowing Before sowing potato the land should be plowed thoroughly. After plowing and before the replantation organic manure should be mixed in the soil to increase the fertility of the soil for higher production. Before cultivating potatoes the land should be plowed thoroughly. 4/ 5 trolley of cow dung manure should be mixed in the soil thoroughly so that the manure spreads evenly throughout the entire farm and make the land fertile. Using this manure free will increase the fertility and production of the land.

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Detailed information related to potato cultivation

Perfect time for sowing potatoes 

The perfect time for sowing potatoes is between September and October, which means just after harvesting Paddy. Potatoes are sown twice in a year. Sowing between November and December is considered late. 

How much irrigation does it require

After planting the field should be irritated 3-4 times. If over irritated the crop can rot. Potato crop Should be irritated gently and slowly. A few days before cultivation the irrigation should be stopped. If irrigation is not stopped it could cause heavy damage. The farm only requires enough water to keep it moist. If the plants start turning yellow stop irrigation. 

How profitable is potato production

Compared to other crops the upfront cost in potato production is less. Potato production can be done by small farmers to increase profit. Potato production is done in many states in India. Potato production is done twice in a year and requires less water. If the farmers don't want to use chemical fertilizers then organic fertilizers and cow dung manure can also be used 


When is potato harvested

Digging of potatoes is done in mid March. It is considered the best time for it. Potato crop takes 60 days to mature, but the maximum time it can take is 90 days. After digging potatoes should be dried for some time to protect from diseases. Farmers stock potatoes in cold storage so as to sell them when prices hike.