Farmers can earn lakhs by farming these horticulture crops in winter

Published on: 16-Nov-2023

There are a lot of fruits and vegetables on winter days. Now farmers can earn awesome income by farming the crops of these fruits and vegetables. With the change in climate winter has arrived. In this condition, many seasonal fruits and vegetables will come into the market, by which farmers can earn amazing profits through their production. Let us tell you that many crops can be cultivated in this season.

Vegetables and fruits farming 

If vegetables are considered, then many vegetables can be cultivated in the winter season. Actually, spinach, coriander, mint, tomato, brinjal, okra and peas etc. are included in these vegetables. Amazing profit can be earned by farming these vegetables.

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Along with this, if we look at fruits, then some specific fruits can be cultivated in the winter season. Let you know that pears, oranges, grapes and apples are included in these fruits. A heavy profit can be earned by farming these fruits also. Pulses can also be cultivated in the winter season, under which Masoor, Arhar and grams are also included.

Radish farming 

Cold climate is considered much suitable to cultivate radish. In this case, farmers can earn appreciable profit by harvesting radish. Presence of loamy soil is very important. Farmers can harvest tomatoes. For this farmers need to choose the best variety of tomatoes, in order to achieve best quality along with an appreciable production.

Pea farming 

Let us tell you that the demand for peas also increases rapidly. Farmers can earn amazing profit by the crops of peas in this case. Pea is a nutritious vegetable, which is an excellent source of protein and fibers. Loam and loamy-sandy soil are considered excellent for pea crop. To harvest peas, good quantities of seeds are also advised.