Farmers are disappointed with the absence of e-kharid of parmal paddy

Published on: 13-Nov-2023

The administration has stopped purchasing parmal paddy through the e-Kharid portal due to the possibility of the varieties parmal paddy from other states in grain mandis. Because of this, the farmers whose parmal paddy is still lying in the fields are quite upset. The administration has stopped the purchase  of parmal paddy through the e-Kharid portal due to the arrival of parmal paddy varieties from other states in the grain mandis of Karnal district in Haryana. For this reason, the farmers whose parmal paddy is still lying in the fields, are stuck in a lot of difficulty. According to media reports, the farmers have alleged that this step of the administration can force them to sell to sell their crops at very less prices to private buyers. Also, the authorities have claimed that the work of harvesting in the district has been completed.

 Also, they feared that some traders in the district's grain mandis can bring paddy from other states and sell it on MSP. There is a demand of farmers, whether the paddy crop is lying in the fields or not, after examining this, the officers should start purchasing paddy. According to the report, the registration of Parmal Paddy (MSP Rs 2,203 per quintal) is currently being registered on the e-NAM portal instead of e-Kharid. In place of government agencies, their production is currently being purchased by private buyers.

97 lakh quintals of Parmal Paddy have arrived

So far, about 97 lakh quintals of Parmal paddy have come in Karnal district. At the same time, the arrival of last year was about 107 lakh quintals. Puneet Goyal of Zarifabad said that, "After the flood, I cultivated the parmal type of paddy on nine acres. Currently, during harvesting, I came to know that the purchase has been stopped. The government should come to the ground and look at the paddy which is still in the fields, it should be purchased. ” Another farmer Nirvar Singh said that the harvesting of the parmal type of paddy is yet to be harvested in eight acres. He alleged that private buyers will buy production below MSP

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Paddy purchase will be in less MSP

According to the news, a senior official said that this step has been taken to prevent traders from bringing paddy from outside the state. "We will ensure that no paddy is bought below MSP. Instructions have been given to the officers in this regard." He said, "There is hardly any crop in the fields across the district." Significantly, to sell Parmal Paddy, currently farmers have to register on the e-Nam portal instead of e-Kharid portal. Also, instead of government agencies, the produce is now being purchased by private buyers.