Farmers will gain tremendously from the production of sweet corn; simply take extra care of these things.

Published on: 24-Sep-2023

Farmers may make good money by growing sweet corn. It is quite popular both in India and overseas. Everyone remembers the taste of sweet corn, regardless of the season. Sweet corn is consumed with relish, especially on mountain hikes and during rainy seasons. Let us explain that sweet corn is a sweet kind of maize. It is picked in the milky stage, before the crop is ready. Sweet corn is immensely popular both in India and overseas. In such cases, farmer brothers can make a significant profit by farming it.

How is sweet corn grown?

Sweet corn farming is quite similar to maize cultivation. Sweet corn agriculture involves harvesting the maize crop before it is ready. As a result, farmers receive a significant revenue immediately. Farmers that cultivate flowers alongside sweet corn can earn twice as much money by co-cropping marigold, gladiolus and spices. Apart from that, you may grow spinach, peas, cabbage and coriander on the field.

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Avoid storing sweet corn for long time

Harvesting sweet corn is a straightforward operation. Let us tell you that the crop is ready for harvest when a milky material begins to emerge from the maize. Harvest sweet corn in the morning or evening to preserve the harvest fresh for longer. After harvesting is completed, sell it in the market. Sweet corn loses sweetness when stored for an extended period of time.

Farmers should take care of these things

When cultivating maize, you should only use improved kinds.

Insect-resistant types should ripen quickly.

Ensure a suitable drainage system during field preparation to prevent waterlogging of the crop.

Sweet corn is farmed across India, although the biggest output occurs in Uttar Pradesh.

Sweet corn may be sown in both the Rabi and Kharif seasons.