Learn how a farmer changed his luck with the cultivation of cumin and isabgol?

Published on: 03-Jan-2024

In this article of Meri kheti , today we will give you information about such a farmer, who is farming from chemical and organic ways and earning an annual income of millions. Actually, we are talking about progressive farmer Kump  Singh. Kump Singh is originally from village- Bar Masar, District Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. He has been farming since his childhood .He has done graduation . In the rainy season he grows millets and green gram .  He told us that his entire family has up to 350 bighas of land, in which they do agriculture according to the season. He also cultivates cumin, black mustard and isabgol in the field.

How to produce through organic farming

Today we will tell you about Kump Singh who produced a good yield from cumin cultivation . According to Kump Singh, he only cultivates cumin on 70% percent of his farm land. At the same time, cultivation of all crops on other remaining land is almost equal. For example, on 20 percent of land he cultivates isabgol and mustard in 10 percent. Additionally, he has also said that he used to do farming by chemical methods in his farm earlier. However, at the moment he is gradually taking his step towards organic farming because this greatly increases production. Also, the cost is very low.

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How much yield is available per bigha of cumin and isabgol

Also, he has said that he gets to get up to 70 kg per bigha cumin production. Currently, the price of cumin in their area is Rs 5000 per kg. At the same time, he also said that the production of Isabgol from his field is obtained from one to one and a half quintals per bigha, which costs about 24 thousand rupees per bigha. At the same time, he said that the cost of cumin cultivation is also very high. Also, the cost in isabgol comes slightly less than cumin.

The company itself comes to buy crops at good prices from the farm

According to Kisan Kump Singh, the company itself comes to the farm to purchase their yield at a reasonable price . They do not have to wander in the market to earn a better sense of their crop. However, for this, they have to send a sample of their crop to the company first. If they pass, then the company comes to them to buy production.

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Farmers should use these fertilisers

Kisan Kump Singh has said that most of the farmers of India moved towards organic farming. As far as possible, use dung manure as well as domestic manure in your field. Because, with its use, the crop develops much better. Also, the farmer gets a brilliant price in the market very easily.