Farmers, instead of burning stubble take this solution.

Published on: 08-Nov-2023

Farmers can adopt the methods given here instead of burning stubble. Along with stopping the pollution caused by stubble burning, farmer brothers will also get benefits. Pollution levels have increased significantly in many cities including Delhi NCR. Stubble is also one of the reasons behind the increase in pollution levels these days. But, let us know what farmers can do with stubble instead of burning it. Farmers of various states including Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab cultivate wheat after paddy. Apart from this, he also cultivates other crops, for which a lot of field preparation is required. Due to this, farmers burn the paddy stalks or stubble left in the fields after harvesting the crop. Farmer brothers burn the stubble to clean the crop residues and prepare the fields for re-sowing.

What is a Mulcher Machine?

There are many machines in site management, among which the mulcher is the first. Apart from controlling residue in paddy crops, mulcher is also an effective agricultural tool. This machine cuts the crop residue into small pieces with the help of a tractor with its blade. Management of paddy crop residues is also done very easily. One should not burn it after using it. Mixing paddy straw with the soil is an effective and efficient solution to maintain the soil and increase its fertility. For example, plowing straw into the soil using a lot of tillage equipment accelerates its breakdown. Also, the structure of the soil is quite spectacular. 

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The government provides grants for stubble management.

Instead of disposal of paddy straws, other options can also be considered. It can be used as fodder for animals. Especially when it is harvested or processed. Many of the governments are making a lot of regulations to encourage straw management. Providing grants for adopting environment-friendly methods or buying machines.