According to the new amendment farmers can now sell their crops in different states.

Published on: 29-Dec-2023

The government has been taking various steps for the betterment of farmers. In this situation the government has decided an important point to help increase the income of farmers. Farmers can now sell their crops to businessmen in different states. And businessmen in UP can purchase crops directly from farmers in other states. The Finance Minister of the state Suresh Kumar Khanna said in the meeting of ministers that farmers could not sell their crops in different states till now. To give them permission and to help increase their income there is a proposal related to implementing the market production 28 amendment rules 2023. The Yogi cabinet approves this.a great gift to farmers by the Yogi government in UP. New amendment will be made in the mandi laws. The cabinet of Uttar Pradesh has already given permission to the Agriculture Department.

Will farmers benefit from this amendment? 

The Yogi government has approved this amendment according to which licenses will be issued again with new rules and regulations. Finance Minister of UP Mr Suresh Kumar Khanna told the media that, now farmers cancel their produce where they get the right price for it and similarly farmers from other states can sell their produce in UP. He says that this amendment has been made so that farmers can get a fair price for their crop. 

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How will the consumer benefit from this amendment? 

Finance Minister Khanna has a view that this amendment will cause competition in the market. He says this amendment will not only benefit the farmer but also the consumers of the state will also be benefited. He says that this amendment will help provide a national level Marketplace to farmers in Uttar Pradesh. Other state farmers could also get their license issued for this sale and purchase.

New organic market places will be set up in these districts

Currently sesame, arhar, paddy, maize, sugarcane, basmati paddy, millet and sweet potato are being grown organically in the districts of Ghazipur, Hardoi, Kasganj, Kaushambi, Shahjahanpur, Unnao, Ballia, Bijnor, Badaun, Bulandshahr, Farrukhabad. Apart from this, vegetables and fruits are being produced. Apart from these there are five districts in which organic farming has been prevalent for a long time.Under these, organic farming is done regularly in Aligarh, Kanpur Nagar, Kanpur Dehat, Muzaffarnagar and Fatehpur.