Specialties, price and warranty of the Mahindra Yuvo Trac+ 4WD

Published on: 18-Dec-2023

Mahindra Yuva Trac+ 4WD can be one the best options if you are considering buying a tractor to help you in farming. Company has used it's leading technology in manufacturing of this tractor. It comes with a 42 hp strong engine. 

In India the yuva series tractors are seen performing very well with good mileage and increased strength. The Mahindra Tractors have always been trusted by farmers. If you are considering buying a tractor for farming purposes then the Mahindra Yuvo track+ 4wd can be a great option.

Mahindra has used it's leading Technology and the tractor comes with industry leading Technology and features at an affordable price. In this Mahindra tractor you get a 42 horsepower strong engine. This tractor by the Mahindra company gives the gold combination of mileage and power.

Specialties of the Mahindra Yuvo Trac+ 4WD

Mahindra 415 yuvo track+ tractor has an M ZIP-3 Cylinder Parallel Cooling engine, which produces 42 hp and 183 NM of torque. This tractor comes with a dry type filter and a 2000 cc engine. The maximum PTO IS 38.5.

The maximum loading capacity of this tractor is 1700 kg. The body of this tractor is made very strong. It's design is very attractive.

 Price and warranty of the Mahindra 415 Yuvo Trac+ 4WD

The ex-showroom price of Mahindra 415 Yuvo track+ 4WD is around 7 lakh, it can vary from state to state depending on the registration tax, etc. It comes with a 6 year warranty.