Mushroom Farming: Facility of 50 percent subsidy on mushroom cultivation

Published on: 18-Nov-2023

Under the Integrated Horticulture Mission Scheme of the Bihar government, farmers of the state are being given the facility of subsidy up to 50 percent on mushroom cultivation. With this, along with mushroom production in the state, the income of mushrooms can also increase. Farmers can earn good profits in a short period of time by cultivating mustard. But, for this, it is extremely important for the farmers to have the right information related to mushroom cultivation. For your information, let us know that the cultivation of mushrooms is also financially supported by the government. In this series, now the Bihar government has provided excellent subsidy facility to the farmers of the state to cultivate mushrooms. 

In fact, the farmers cultivating mushrooms will be given a subsidy of up to 50 percent by the Bihar government, which will increase the yield of mushrooms in the state as well as the income of the farmers. This facility of subsidy on mushroom cultivation is being provided by the government under the Integrated Horticulture Mission Scheme. In such a situation, let us know in detail about the subsidy on mushroom cultivation from the Bihar government.

How much subsidy will be available on mushroom cultivation 

Under the Integrated Horticulture Mission Scheme of the Bihar government, the facility of subsidy has been started for farmers on mushroom cultivation. The government has also issued some guidelines for this scheme, under which the cost of the mushroom production unit has been fixed at about Rs 20 lakh, out of which the farmers of the state will get the benefit of subsidy up to about Rs 10 lakh. It is being said that in this scheme of the government, 50 percent financial assistance will be given on mushroom spawn and mushroom compost.

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Application process for grant on mushroom cultivation 

Interested farmers of the state can apply online by visiting the official website of Bihar Horticulture at Apart from this, farmers can also contact their nearest agriculture department to get more information related to this scheme.