Let's learn about 5 agricultural equipment helping farmers in sowing

Published on: 17-Jan-2024

Farmers  use various fertiliser machines for sowing in  India. With these equipment, farmers are able to complete the sowing work in the fields in a short time. With the help of agricultural equipment, farmers can save time and wages in farming. Farmers need many kinds of agricultural appliances and instruments to do agriculture. In farming, every agricultural machinery is used in different works. Farmers use a lot of fertiliser machines for sowing in India. With the use of these equipment, farmers deal with sowing in the fields in a short time.

5 agricultural equipment helping to sow

Pneumatic multi crop planter

Pneumatic Multi Crop Planter is used only to sow the seeds from pre-determined seeds and sowing in rows. Let us tell , this agricultural machine is powered by a tractor and has a centrifugal blower. It is used for planting seeds in a metering mechanism by taking air pressure. Inside this device, you have a main frame, aspirator blower, a cell type metering plate disc , different hoppers, Farrow openers, a shaft driven by PTO  etc. It is suitable for planting seeds of soybean, cotton, peas, maize, peanuts, lady finger, mustard and jowar etc. The price of a Pneumatic Multi Crop Planter in India can be around 50 thousand rupees.

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Seed and fertiliser drill

Seed and Fertilizer Drill is used for the sowing of wheat and other grain crops in the already prepared area for farming. The device consists of a seed box, fertiliser box, seed and fertiliser metering mechanism, seed tube, Farrow opener and seed and fertiliser rate adjusting liver and transport sub  power transmitting wheels. Fluted rollers are engaged in seed boxes, which receive seeds in the hose and put it in a seed tube attached to the Furrow opener . The length of the hose receiving seeds can be increased or reduced when the roller moves. This can be reduced or high in the amount of seed at the time of sowing. The price of seed and fertiliser drill in India can be around 35 thousand rupees.

Zero Till Drill

Zero Till Drill is an agricultural equipment used through a tractor. Zero till drill is used for wheat sowing without ploughing the field after paddy harvesting. The device has frames, seed boxes, fertiliser boxes, seeds and fertiliser metering mechanisms, seed tubes, Furrow openers and seed and fertiliser rate adjusting liver and transport and power transporting wheels. This agricultural equipment can sow seeds at proper depth and proper distance. The price of zero till drill in India can be around 35 thousand rupees.

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Strip till drill

Strip Till Drill is used for sowing wheat without preparing land after harvesting paddy. This device can save 50 to 60 percent fuel and 65 to 75 percent time against the traditional method. With the help of this device, sowing crops on time can  achieve even more production. Its rotary system consists of C type blades, which can plough a 75 mm wide bandage in front of each Furrow opener in the field. The price of strip till drill in India can be around 50 thousand rupees.

Fertiliser broadcaster

Fertiliser Broadcaster is used for spraying granular manure and seeds in the crop. You get to see this agricultural machinery in both manual and tractor -powered forms. The fertiliser broadcaster is operated by putting behind the tractor. It runs with its PTO power. This device has a hopper and a rotating disc. Seeds or fertilisers are allowed to fall on the  rotating disc from the hopper. In this, the quantity of seed/fertiliser can be controlled by the speed shutter plate reaching the spinning disc. The fertiliser broadcaster in India can cost around 12 thousand.