Citizens will not face the shock of inflation during the festive season – Food Secretary Sanjeev Chopra

Published on: 18-Sep-2023

For your information let us tell you that Food Secretary Sanjeev Chopra says that the Central Government is making every effort to control inflation. Strict action is being taken against those who hoard food items. Central and state government teams are conducting raids at various places. In fact, before the beginning of the festive season, the Central Government has made all preparations to prevent inflation. Now in such a situation, the general public does not need to worry about inflation. Food items will be available at reasonable prices on Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja, and Diwali. The central government has said that it has sufficient reserves of sugar. Now the public will have no shortage of sugar during the festive season. The supply of sugar in the market will continue as per the demand so that the prices remain controlled. He said that currently there is a stock of 85 lakh tonnes of sugar in the government stores. In such a situation, the general public does not need to worry about inflation.

There will be no impact on sugarcane yield

Sanjeev Chopra says that wheat prices are increasing artificially. But, soon this too will be controlled. He said that there is a rumor that due to less-than-average rainfall this year, sugarcane production may decline. But, this is not true at all. According to him, there will be no decline in sugarcane production. 

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Prices of rice increased by 10%

He said that due to rumors, the price of rice has increased by 10%. But, there will be an excellent yield of paddy in the crop season 2023-24. Now in such a situation, prices will fall due to the arrival of new rice in the market. He has said that the storage limit on wheat has been reduced. Farmers also felt extremely happy when the price of rice increased. Because paddy is a Kharif crop. The right time has come for harvesting this Kharif crop. The time of harvesting of Kharif crop rice is going on. Now in such a situation, if the price of rice increases then farmers will get a lot of benefits.

How much paddy is produced in India

India is the second country in terms of paddy production. India exports rice to foreign countries. India ensures the food supply of rice to the world. Many countries depend on India. If rice production in India decreases, it affects the food security of the entire world. India is well known for the production of different varieties of rice. Nepal remains largely dependent on rice from India.