Gaillardia is a flower that blooms for more than 6 months, know complete information

Published on: 07-Feb-2024

Gaillardia is also known as the blanket flower. It is a perennial plant, it can be cultivated in any season. Gaillardia is a plant of the Asteraceae family. This flower is named after the 18th-century French magistrate, Maitre Gaillard de Charentonneau, who besides being a magistrate, was also a very capable botanist. The height of this plant is 45-60 cm. These plants are mostly used to decorate the lawn and balcony of the house. 

Improved varieties of Gaillardia flower

There are many varieties of Gaillardia, on which beautiful flowers with a mixture of maroon, red, yellow, and orange bloom. Some of the improved varieties of Gaillardia flower are Gaillardia aestivalis (Walter) H. Rock, Gaillardia amblyodon H. Lyrical Maroon Blanket Flower, Gaillardia aristata Pursh, Gaillardia arizonica A. Gray. Farmers can earn huge profits by producing these varieties. 

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When to sow Gaillardia flower seeds

The best time for Gaillardia cultivation is February and March. The seeds of this flower are sown in this month. The proper temperature of sunlight is necessary for the germination of seeds. These flowers do not require much care. After 30-40 days these seeds become ready for seedling. They can be transplanted into pots or any other pot etc. Flowers start appearing about three months after planting the seeds, and these plants keep giving flowers for more than 6 months. That means these plants continue to flower until the cold arrives. 

Which is the suitable soil for growing Gaillardia flowers?

Gaillardia flower can be grown in any soil, but alkaline, loamy, and acidic soil are considered suitable for its cultivation. For sowing the seeds, first prepare the field properly and hoe the field properly. Cow dung or compost can also be used by farmers while preparing the field. For this, land with good drainage is required. 

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What is the proper temperature for Gaillardia flowers? 

Gaillardia requires proper temperature for flowering. Gaillardia seeds require a temperature of 21 degrees for good germination. For good growth of flowers, a temperature between 20 -30 degrees is required. This plant can tolerate high summer temperatures, but temperatures below 10 degrees in winter can hinder the growth of this plant. 

How to care for Gaillardia flower

Gaillardia flower does not require much care. After sowing, irrigation is also done in very small quantities. Gaillardia plant is drought tolerant, hence it requires less water. Flowers start appearing on the plant in spring and summer, at that time this plant needs water. The amount of irrigation of the plant is reduced in winter. 

There is no need for other chemical fertilizers for the higher yield of the plant. Use compost manure while preparing the field, it is better for both the crop and the land. Also, this plant has very less chances of getting affected by pests and diseases. However, the problem of root rot is more common in Gaillardia flowers. Due to this disease, the roots of the plant start rotting, this can also happen due to the effect of excess water, which is why it is necessary to make arrangements for drainage for its cultivation. Also, the land should be dry and there should not be much moisture in it, excess moisture also harms the plant. 

Gaillardia flower pruning 

Gaillardia flowers bloom for 6 months. After the flowers bloom, its trees dry and wither. To improve the quality of these flowers, their stems are cut. Also, the flowers should be deadheaded throughout the growing season so that it can encourage the flowers to bloom continuously. Pruning of the Gaillardia flower is done in the autumn season, by doing this the plant remains beautiful and healthy. 

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Piccata and Lorenzia are also varieties of Gaillardia flowers. The Gaillardia plant bears large flowers. For sowing, 300 grams of seeds are required per hectare. For the cultivation of the Gaillardia flower, plow the field well. Sow the seeds when the soil becomes friable. While sowing, phosphorus and potash should also be given in the field, this maintains the fertility of the land. To cultivate Gaillardia, a separate nursery is prepared for sowing the seeds. This nursery is built on high and flat places, about four beds are made in one acre of field, each 3 feet wide and 10 feet long. Seeds should be treated before sowing