Farmers get a 50% discount on drone spraying in this state

Published on: 01-Feb-2024

In the state of Bihar, farmer brothers will be given a huge grant for spraying medicine on crops. To avail of the benefit of this grant, farmer brothers can apply for spraying medicine through drones on the DBT portal of the Agriculture Department. 

​Farmer brothers do various types of work to get a good yield of the crops standing in the field. Farmers spray pesticides on the crop to ensure that it has a good harvest and that it is not infested by pests. Today we are going to tell you some good news related to this.

50 percent discount on drone spraying under the crop protection scheme

For the first time, spraying of pesticides through drones has been included in the crop protection scheme. Bihar government will give 50% rupees to farmers for spraying pesticides per acre. A service provider has been selected for spraying pesticides. The application process started on January 15.

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Both ryot and non-ryot farmers can avail its benefits. For this, farmers will also have to give an affidavit or a suggestion letter from the Panchayat representative while applying. Under the scheme, farmers can spray drones in a minimum of one acre and a maximum of 10 acres.

How many rupees per acre will the medicine spray cost to farmers?

Spraying medicine through drones will cost farmers Rs 480 per acre. The government will give a subsidy of fifty percent i.e. Rs 240 on this. The farmer will have to pay the remaining Rs 240. Farmers should not use pesticides that are not recommended by the Agriculture Department and agricultural scientists. Drones can help farmers control pests on potatoes, maize, wheat, pulses, oilseeds, and other crops. Only farmers registered on the DBT portal of the Agriculture Department will get the benefit of the scheme.

Where to apply for medicine spray by drone?

Farmers can apply for spraying medicine through drones on the DBT portal of the Agriculture Department. While applying, you will have to provide an Aadhar card, area of ​​land, type of crop, and land receipt. The applications received will be verified by the Agriculture Coordinator, Plant Protection Personnel, Block Technical, and Assistant Manager. The selected agency will spray the medicine through drones. Spraying with drones will not harm the health of farmers. Whereas spraying with machines requires more water, labor, and money.