Government of India unveiled the unified scheme, know what will benefit the farmers

Published on: 23-Sep-2023

Unified scheme has been launched by the Government of India. The central and state governments continue to issue schemes from their own level in the interest of farmers. This time the central government has launched UPAG for farmers. Today we will know in our article how the unified scheme will directly or indirectly positively affect the income of farmers. Every effort is being made by the government that the income of farmers should be doubled in some way.

Information related to agriculture will be present in the unified portal UPAG launched by the Ministry of Agriculture. It will become an important part of a digital public infrastructure. The Government of India has launched a unified portal related to agriculture for the farmers of the country. This unified portal (upag) is an important component of digital public infrastructure for agriculture. This portal will provide a smooth facility by collecting data related to farming.

What is the work of Unified Portal

The main objective of this portal is to remove the challenges related to the lack of standardised and verified data related to farming and submit the correct data related to it. This will reduce the problems related to farming for policy makers, researchers and shareholders. The Government of India has unveiled UPAG (Unified Portal for Agricultural Statistics). According to the Ministry of Agriculture, many types of information related to the data management in the agriculture sector and farming have been carefully prepared. This portal offers an important step towards the establishment of a more efficient and responsible agricultural policy structure.

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Data will be of unified source

The Government of India does not have unified information about any data related to agriculture. Also, various sources related to farming are scattered. In such a situation, the purpose of this unified portal is to consolidate the data in a standardised format and fix it. So that it can be transported easily for users. Also, the correct and accurate understanding of various works related to farming can be developed.