The government has set a target of 11.4 crore tonnes for this Rabi season.

Published on: 01-Oct-2023

Considering the dangerous conditions like storms, hailstorms, and El Nino, the Central Government has targeted cultivating climate-resistant (heat tolerant) varieties like DBW 327 Karan Shivani, HD-3385. A target of record wheat production of 11.4 crore tonnes has been set for this Rabi season. 

The yield of crops depends on the soil, weather, irrigation, and good-quality seeds. Also, sometimes due to adverse weather conditions, the farmer cannot even cover the cost of his crop. The farmer himself also goes through economic conditions. At the same time, his family also faces these challenges. In such a situation, the government has set a target keeping in mind the adverse circumstances. Under this target, climate-resistant DBW 327 Karan Shivani, HD-3385 ​​MP-3288, Raj 4079, DBW-110, and HD-2864, will be used in 60 percent of the total area of ​​wheat sowing. The target of cultivation of HD-2932 varieties has been set.

 The target of wheat production has been set

Considering the problems of climate change, the Union Agriculture Ministry has set a target of producing 11.4 crore tonnes of wheat in the Rabi season. At the same time, last year also the government had set a target of wheat production of 11.27 crore tonnes in the same period. 

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Union Agriculture Secretary Manoj Ahuja has prepared a strategy

Union Agriculture Secretary Manoj Ahuja has discussed the strategy of sowing Rabi crops, in which he has said that some changes are taking place in the climate ecology every day. Because of this, effects are being seen in crops also, so in such a situation, climate-resistant seeds should be used strategically.

Heat-resistant varieties are being encouraged

More than 800 climate-resistant varieties exist in India. These seeds need to be put in the seed chain under the ‘Seed Rolling’ scheme. Farmers should be motivated to grow heat-resistant varieties. Apart from this, a map should be prepared regarding good varieties to be produced by identifying specific areas in all the states. An important factor for good production is selecting varieties of seeds wisely. Farmers should always select good and climate-resistant varieties.