Great benefits of Natural farming on farmers,crop and environment.

Published on: 09-Jan-2024

Natural farming proves to be excellent for crop growth and  for farmers progress. It leads to high yield of crop moreover it is of great significance if we look through the environmental aspect.these days a trend of practicing natural farming is being observed among farmers since it is more profitable for them.

You might like to know practicing natural farming is very advantageous if he look with an environmental aspect. As there is no use of any kind of chemicals. This type of farming focuses more on biomass mulching , cow  dung manure The Indian government takes significant steps from time to time to promote prakritik kheti.This is done in order to  to help farmers increase their yields and income. 

Benefits of Natural Farming

It increases the underground water level as well as reduces the pollution caused by edible items, soil and water. Usage of waste to prepare compost reduces the chances the diseases . The most extraordinary impact is that with the least amount of capital needed of production we get maximum output so it also increases income.

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Objectives of Natural Farming

It focuses on reducing cost of profit and maximising profit. It assists in increasing soil fertility and reduce the usage of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Also to increase production with minimum need of water and irrigation.

Main components of Natural Farming




Plant protection

Natural Farming is being encouraged by the government

To encourage farmers to adopt natural farming practices, the Government of India has established a website for natural farming at, which contains all relevant information. As a result, farmers no longer have to go somewhere else for their farming. Farmers can also use this portal to get quick updates on important government initiatives. The Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare created this natural farming portal.