The reason why Turmeric farming is said to be profitable

Published on: 19-Nov-2023

The reason why Turmeric farming is said to be profitable

Growing turmeric is a very profitable business. Turmeric has a lot of demand in foreign markets. Therefore growing turmeric would be a profitable business for farmers. In India almost all homes use turmeric. Growing turmeric is also called a profitable crop. This is because turmeric is used in many different processes. It's demand is always the same and never decreases. Turmeric is used in spices, medicine , beauty products and many different ways. Also turmeric cultivation does not require a lot of irrigation or water. It is a crop which is less money intensive. And also it is a very profitable crop.

Cost of turmeric cultivation

If you are thinking of growing turmeric on one hectare land then approximately the seeds would cost you 10000 rupees and the manure and fertilizers would also be around 10000 rupees. Income from turmeric cultivation generally depends on the produce. On 1 hectare land 20 to 25 quintal of turmeric can be produced. And if the estimated price of turmeric is kept at 200 rupees kg then one hectare a land can bring up to 5 lakh Rupees. 

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Water required by turmeric crop and its demand in market

Soil that does not retain a lot of water should be chosen for turmeric cultivation. Organic manure should be used for good results. During turmeric cultivation your all thoughts of pest repellents, weed repellents, etc. Harvest the crop at the right time. There is a lot of demand for turmeric in the market. You can also sell turmeric on online platforms for good prices