Haryana government made announcements regarding paddy procurement, no MSP has been set for millet.

Published on: 29-Sep-2023

Haryana government has started the process of procuring millet.FED (Haryana State Cooperative Supply and Marketing Federation Limited) will first purchase millet in the mandis of Rewari, Kanina, Charkhi Dadri, Bhiwani and Kosli.It is said the procurement process would last commence from 1st October.

Following Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar's directives, the government has begun millet procurement. However, farmers are still waiting for the government to acquire their paddy. Paddy procurement may begin as early as October 1. Let us inform you that the millet purchase will be paid for under the state government's Bhavantar Bharpayee Scheme. The crop purchase funds will be sent straight to the farmers' bank accounts within 72 hours. Additionally, purchase of superior and average quality (FAQ) millet will be at the current market price. Additionally, this purchase will be made from farmers who are registered and validated on the Meri Fasal-Mera Byora site.

Payment will be made under Bhavantar Compensation Scheme

Under the state government's Bhavantar Bharpayee Scheme, farmers would get the difference between the current market prices and the MSP. The crop purchase amount will be remitted straight to the farmers' bank accounts.

Paddy procurement to begin from October 1

Millet will cost Rs 1,900 per quintal, rather than the MSP of Rs 2,500. So far, private traders have maintained their procurement of Basmati rice of the 1509 kind at Rs 3,000 per quintal. Government acquisition of Parmal type paddy is expected to begin in the second week of October.

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Purchasing is not possible in the markets of the district

According to a Market Committee representative, orders were provided to begin announcing market and paddy purchases on September 25th. However, the procedure has not yet been initiated by government entities in the mandis of various districts. The minimum support price for millet procurement is Rs 2,200. However, individual dealers buy millet at a rate of Rs 1,900 per quintal.

Farmers to bear loss of 300 rupees

Gaurav Tewatia, a Commission Agent Association official, criticised the officials for the delay in acquiring the Kharif crop. He claims that no formal agency has been selected to acquire millet. Because of this, farmers are losing Rs 300 each quintal. Farmers are also concerned about whether their losses would be paid under the Bhavantar Compensation Scheme.

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Reason why millet would be bought at less prices

The registration system 888999 on the government's agricultural sale site has a mistake. At the same time, just 35% of paddy growers have been registered. As a result, most individuals may sell millet and paddy at a lower price than the MSP. Around 2,200 quintals of millet, 5,400 bales of cotton, and more than 20,000 quintals of Basmati paddy have arrived at the mandis.