Yellow mosaic virus causes huge damage to papaya cultivation in Maharashtra

Published on: 19-Oct-2023

For your information, let you know that Nandurbar district is considered to be the largest papaya producing district in Maharashtra. Papaya orchards in more than 3000 hectares of area are vulnerable to this virus. Due to this, the hard work of the farmers and the cost of lakhs of rupees has been wasted. The farmers demanded compensation from the government.

After ruining soybean cultivation, the outbreak of yellow mosaic virus is currently being seen on papaya cultivation. Because of this, papaya farmers are in great distress. The virus has affected papaya orchards in more than 3,000 hectares in Nandurbar district alone, ruining the hard work of farmers and the cost of lakhs of rupees. The mosaic virus has been seen destroying the papaya crop after soybean in various districts of Maharashtra, including in Nandurbar district. A lot of papaya orchards in the district are on the verge of destruction due to mosaic virus.

The government had helped soybean farmers damaged by mosaic virus

Just as the state government had promised assistance for the losses suffered by soybean farmers due to mosaic virus. At present, similarly, papaya farmers are also expecting cooperation from the government. Maharashtra is a major fruit producing state. But the problems of its cultivators are not taking the name of lessening. This year, farmers have not received any special price for grapes. The price of oranges has fallen due to Bangladesh's policies affecting exports. Now papaya is being hit by nature.

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What problem has emerged in papaya cultivation?

Due to viral diseases on papaya, the leaves of its trees fall quickly. The leaves at the top shrivel, because of this the fruits are damaged by sunlight. Traders refuse to buy such fruits, papayas in more than 3000 hectares area in the district have been found to be highly affected by this mosaic virus. However, different types of measures are being taken by the farmers to control it. But, the crisis on papaya does not seem to be over. Therefore, the farmers are demanding that the district be declared drought and immediate help should be announced to all the farmers.

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Need to establish research centre on papaya

Nandurbar district is considered to be the largest papaya producing district in Maharashtra. Each year the papaya crop is affected by various diseases. But, there is no papaya research centre in the State to conduct research on papaya. For this reason, it is imperative for the central and state governments to start a papaya research centre in Nandurbar and control the various diseases affecting papaya, so that the hard work of the farmers does not go to waste.

What are the symptoms of yellow mosaic disease?

Yellow mosaic disease is mainly found in soybeans. This causes yellow spots near the main veins of the leaves. These yellow spots appear in a scattered state. As the leaves grow, brown spots begin to appear on them. Sometimes heavy infestation causes the leaves to shrivel and wilt. Because of this, production gets affected.

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Yellow mosaic disease prevention measure

The Agriculture Department has described the solution to uproot diseased trees and bury them in the ground or put blue and yellow nets to completely eliminate yellow mosaic disease. Due to this disease, productivity decreases by 30 to 90 percent. Due to this, the Agriculture Department has appealed to the farmers to take precautions in time.